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  1. cdandi1 added a post in a topic Troy Daniels   

    I don't see why he can't be an asset off the bench ... let him guard second team guards rather than starting guys.  He struggled to guard late this season when Cliff left him in with some of the starters.  Especially last night against Derozen.
    Bring him off the bench and play him when matchups are favorable otherwise.  His three point shooting is valuable for a team that lacks in that department. 
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  2. cdandi1 added a post in a topic With 4 Games Left   

    The other thing to consider is do you play Vonleh early out of necessity and stall any development?  Some of the issues with Biz are arguably that he was thrown into the fire too soon when the Bobcats didn't have the luxury of developing him.  When Clifford came on board, Biz's minutes fell ... though when he plays now he at least has become a great rim defender and above average rebounded. 
    I am all for Vonleh playing, but I understand as a coach playing a veteran over a raw talent even if the raw talent will more than likely be better in the long run. 
    Vonleh will have this summer to get better, stronger, and study the game and will hopefully get the minutes his talent deserves. 
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  3. cdandi1 added a post in a topic With 4 Games Left   

    I don't necessarily understand the beef with not playing Vonleh as much.  From a coaching perspective you're trying to win basketball games ... and its clear that Cliff valued the experience, rebounding, and defending of Max over Vonleh. 
    Playing and developing young talent from the beginning of the season is for teams without expectations (Philly) ... coming in, and for most the season until recently, Charlotte was in the hunt for a playoff spot.  You play the players, who at that moment, give you the best chance to win. 
    Its clear from Cliff's rotation that was trying to win.  So now that it is blatantly obvious that Charlotte's not getting in, he can concede winning for development purposes. 
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  4. cdandi1 added a post in a topic We're officially tanking it out   

    IF that assumption is true, I would hope the team would tell the other players ... cause they almost pulled off the road win tonight against Miami. 
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  5. cdandi1 added a post in a topic We're officially tanking it out   

    If you're argument was plausible, which it isn't, the team certainly isn't tanking... at least not yet.
    Biyombo is playing well with a recently broken nose and no mask.
    Henderson has 20 and counting in the third quarter and Marvin has 9+ boards.
    The players and Cliff don't appear to be giving up.
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  6. cdandi1 added a post in a topic Who would you want as a replacement for Clifford?   

    I completely understand frustrations with Clifford ... though I'm still not sure moving on from him is right just yet. 
    The team has had is fair share of injuries with Al, MKG, Kemba, Lance, and Biz all with extended absences from the lineup.  I believe in most of his philosophies as coach:  defensive rebounding, transition defense, low turnover basketball ...
    I DO AGREE that he comes across as stubborn in failing to extend the defense or relying too much on Al Jefferson... or playing odd lineups. 
    But, please no Mark Jackson. 
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  7. cdandi1 added a post in a topic Hornets out of playoffs?   

    The next three, in my opinion, will determine if we get in or not.  The other four (not including Detroit) are hard to predict because they could be resting starters or experimenting with new lineups, etc.  I would be surprised if Houston and Toronto aren't resting starters by the end, so in theory that could be an easy two. 
    My only hope that we finish strong is founded in how Kemba has been playing since the fourth quarter of the Boston game on Monday night.  If Charlotte can weather Indiana and Philly, rumors are that Zeller and MKG will be back for beginning of next week. 
    Regardless, we are following the team all the way to the end, which hasn't happened that much since the original team left (due to poor play). 
    Here's to squeaking into the playoffs and giving Atlanta or Cleveland a run for their money!
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  8. cdandi1 added a post in a topic Hornets out of playoffs?   

    Charlotte is two back (9th) as of today (Thursday).
    Remaining Schedule
    4/3 Friday @ Indiana
    4/4 Saturday v. Philly
    4/7 Tuesday @ Miami (Cha leads 2-1)
    4/8 Wednesday v. Toronto
    4/10 Friday @ Atlanta
    4/12 Sunday @ Detroit
    4/13 Monday v. Houston
    4/15 Wed @ Toronto
    The next three are incredibly important ... we may have an even better idea of the hornets' realistic odds of getting in by Tuesday night.
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  9. cdandi1 added a post in a topic Mark Price hired as next UNCC bb head coach   

    Though this isn't ideal, I feel that Price has laid the proper foundation for MKG and that he can continue to improve his jump shot with hard work and repetition. 
    Who's to say that MKG couldn't call Mark up if he was having issues for a quick lesson or two? 
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  10. cdandi1 added a post in a topic Oklahoma City at Charlotte 7:00 PM Saturday   

    Without Durant, the Hornets match up better defensively (as noted above).  I wouldn't be surprised if Charlotte threw some combo of Henderson/MKG at Westbrook with some sort of soft double to force him to shoot jump shots. 
    Further, look for a heavy dose of Al Jefferson as always... It'll be interesting to see if OKC matches up with Kantor or Ibaka defensively.  I think Al has the advantage v. Kantor.  If they play Ibaka on Al, look for Cody to test Kantor's athleticism.
    Finally, I hope Mo can have a nice game off the bench, I think we'll definitely need it. 
    Boom Boom Clap!... err I mean, lets go Hornets!
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