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  1. We should of kept our best WR

    This is incorrect. We do nothing but throw the ball short.
  2. Some trash talk from 49ers fans

    Lmfao pretty funny the San Francisco retards are making gay jokes cuz you know they are pretty much the definition of rainbow warriors
  3. Looks like his assignment was to chip the end and then seal off the back side backer, but the backer blitzed the edge and took himself out of the play so it didn't matter anyways
  4. Best Fantasy Football Team Names

    I've been using NEWton rivERA since 2011 a bit out dated now though. Side note: I some how got Leveon Bell LeSean McCoy and David Johnson as my 3 Rbs last year in a 12 man PPR $120 buy-in....Don't ask me how it happened but it did lmfao.
  5. Do you want Neg Rep back?

    You could limit the amount of neg rep you get per week to help cut down on abuse
  6. Yea that was also an old ass Drayton Florence. Hard to believe he was our starting corner at one time. Still a nice run however. OH and I also spot a FUA!!!
  7. Same Old Song: Cam Being Misconstrued

    And then all of the mouth breathing retards see this. don't pay attention to what's being said, and it further twists their stupid reasoning about our Qb. Believe me, I've encountered many such people living in Indiana. It's definitely a foreign thing to be a Panthers fan this far North but I'm always repping my team to the fullest, anyway yea people like this fugwad are why there is such a negative view of our Qb. Cam's numbers are pretty damn good since coming into the league, and if he's able to play 15+ seasons he will go into the Hall of Fame. Hard to believe half of Cam's playing career has already gone by.
  8. Thank you to everyone who posted tweets! Sounds like a good day of practice and a great day for Cam and the offense can't wait for tomorrow!
  9. One Hurney position change revealed

    So Hurney just gets rehired and has unlimited control of the roster. Hmm. What could possibly go wrong?
  10. Wed. camp tweets..TD talks ...and he's irked

    In all seriousness though when is practice starting? I'm literally getting AIDS by reading through all this drivel
  11. Wed. camp tweets..TD talks ...and he's irked

    You people give new meaning to the word Drag Queens. This is a football board no one gives a fug about who you are shut the fug up for christ sake. So much drama on this board act like men or go watch the real housewives and leave the football discussion to the real fans.
  12. Wed. camp tweets..TD talks ...and he's irked

    While I agree it would have been beneficial for Shepard to be there this really isn't an issue mane.
  13. Wed. camp tweets..TD talks ...and he's irked

    When is practice starting?
  14. I think a lot of other positions we are going to have some good competition as well. Each year it's gotten better and better under Gman.
  15. Don't sleep on Bersin. He's a lot more proven than some of these other guys, plus if he has another good offseason developmentally do you cut him because someone else runs faster? I think he has a good a shot to make it as the rest of them. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.