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  1. Adding insult to injury

    I'm leaving the family members alone, but there's three cowboys fans at work who have done nothing but downplay the Panthers and Monday through Wednesday they talked all kinds of poo. Monday is going to be a good day.
  2. Who to pull for Sunday

    To reiterate, we need Seattle to lose tomorrow, along with either Atlanta or Tampa (preferably both to set us up to clinch the division next week). Meaningless banter about SOS is fun and all, but punching our ticket to the playoffs in week 11 is funner. Outside of that, root against Cards for less stress and Pats for bragging rights.
  3. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    Pffft, Newton jerseys. As if.... ....I'm sure a few of them are wearing Luke jerseys.
  4. James vs. Newton

    The king of Cleveland is a basketball player. The king of Charlotte plays football. ....weird.
  5. Who to pull for Sunday

    All I know is we need Seattle and Atlanta or Tampa to lose and we clinch a playoff spot. Arizona loses and we've got a better cushion down the stretch. New England loses and I get to laugh at everything for a week.
  6. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    What, they don't make you laugh hysterically too?
  7. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    Just amongst us, I'll say that I thought 7-9 was optimistic when KB went down. So to be seriously considering how close the team is to an undefeated season is just plain damn light years above and beyond any expectation I had. To the outside world, though, fug you Greg. I always believed!
  8. Cam dabbing it up tnite in charlotte

    God I hate fun
  9. That's ok, I'll settle for average, run-of-the-mill wins.
  10. Aggressive blitzing to attack the backfield. And it has to get there quick. Tight man coverage on Ginn and Brown to try and negate their speed, otherwise focus on taking away intermediate pass plays and limiting Olsen. But is all going to rely on disrupting the backfield. As for defense, attack Harper and the Nicklebacks. Keep the ball away from Norman. Find ways to negate the pass rush, like quick short passes. Rushing will need to be creative, and will struggle without an extra downfield blocker.
  11. I almost feel guilty imagining how good we will be when KB is back..

    It's apparently not unprecedented, but I can't find an example to compare to. 
  12. I almost feel guilty imagining how good we will be when KB is back..

    I wasn't sure, so I looked it up. Per Wikipedia, the NFL pays for 150 rings that the winning team can distribute however they like. Teams typically do "B" and "C" level rings to hand out beyond that 150 ring limit, at their own expense. The team can also purchase additional "A" level rings if they want, again at their own expense. The rings go to whoever the team wants to give them to, meaning that IR, practice squad, former players, stadium staff, Sir Purr, etc. all have a chance to get a ring.
  13. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Like that's even a question. Just keep saying "keep pounding" to remind yourself why you're doing it. 
  14. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    I've seen this in a couple of places. "Panthers have gotten lucky with no big injuries". I'm just gonna chalk it up to the fact that guys are stepping up left and right when other guys go down.
  15. Will Luke or Norman finish this year as DPOY?

    Norman is the stronger candidate this year. Teams are avoiding him like the plague.