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  1. Scrum got to him as I was hitting the ban button.

  2. It was good meeting you at the tail gate! You are a good fella!

  3. You have been the MAN! with reason all WEEK! Can't honestly wish you good luck but,You are a realist...ANY GIVEN SATURDAY NIGHT...PEACE!

  4. I would give mine to a cardinals fan before I would sell mine for $1000 a piece to him.

  5. blah! I'll stop drinkin' when you pry the alcohol outta my cold, dead fingers. Thanks!

  6. Merry Christmas

  7. I would say a nosebleed for this game will run you 1.5x face value... I would wait as close to kickoff as possible to hopefully get something near face.

  8. how much do you think I can get a ticket for, if I go looking?