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  1. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    Well no poo lol smh It was a joke, you gotta go along with IT lol
  2. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    lol isn't that JaMarcus in your sig? Can't remember ever having a #2
  3. Lulz at people saying our defense is going to suck...

    I'm not worried, he was burned up and down the field by a handful or wr's all year, but ball wasn't thrown. If any of you noticed that, props to you. OBJ killed him, T.Y. Hilton killed him, even some no names killed him, but ball wasnt thrown or ball was dropped. Losing Norman will have little to no effect of this D. Yes, he had above average talent, but bottom line is, he is in no way worth bankrupting this team.
  4. Josh Norman to Redskins or 49ers by Friday

    Lol at least he will look like an all pro ay Practice
  5. Which free agent corner do we bring in??

    We will probably trade a late round pick for someone, nobody on the free agent market looks like a for for our D
  6. There was nothing that stood out of the video posted In the OP to remotely generate hype, I watched all 4 of the posted vids and the TE Iwas the worst of the bunch, there's Semi pro out here In vegas 10x better that can block as well
  7. there is more to a TE then catching the ball, our O is going to be run first, if he can't block, he's useless. Just read the scouting report on him and it said his blocking was bad, I'm going to say we won't even look at him. Just my opinion tho, I played TE for 8 years, I know the position inside and out, and I'm telling you, a O that features a TE as it's primary target is always going to inflate his stats and value, nothing about that "highlight' video stood out to me personally at all
  8. 10 years of 1st round trades

    The Hurney days still scare me, seemed like we always traded first round picks and always got fuged
  9. not trying to be a downer, but that TE is garbage, in this O, he's gonna have to be able to block, those catches are what you expect from a high school player, nothing in that entire video stood out as something that would even come close to first round talent, for fugs sake, the first highlight was a busted lateral play... c'mon man....
  10. Rams trade to Number 1

    If they take Wentz and he plays, it'll make my trip to L.A. a fun one, watching our D destroy him
  11. Regular season schedule to be released soon

    That's awesome, only, this was to be my first year coming to Charlotte for a home game from Vegas, then Rams moved back to L.A. and I can't afford both lol fml
  12. Andre Johnson>Boldin>Colston White should never EVER be mentioned coming here
  13. Charles Johnson officially signs 1-year, $3M deal

    Really sad to see us waste cap space like this
  14. Love how everybody is saying Crist Long. You must have forgotten that some of you dipshits in the crowd threw a bottle and hit him in the face....he won't come here
  15. Breaking - Charles Johnson Released

    Great! Imo, Johnsonbeen the "other guy", always getting the benefit of another defender getting doubled. Bye