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  1. "Still feeling our way around"

    So what's your solution? Fire him and then what? Find the next Bill Belichick? Rivera is a good coach that a lot of other teams would love to have and I highly doubt Marty Hurney would find someone who could do a better job. Unfortunately I don't think many of you are going to realize that until Rivera is gone and some other guy you'll all soon want fired replaces him.
  2. "Still feeling our way around"

    You guys are just looking for anything to bash Rivera now and it’s honestly sad. He obviously means that they are just starting to get use to life without Kelvin and with the new first year guys would you rather have him say they are exactly where they need to be? Because clearly they aren’t yet
  3. It looks like McCoy just studied his film and made a great play. Most defensive linemen are taught to follow the pulling guard or center which would have brought him right into Daryl Williams but McCoy knew he was getting trapped and made a great play by not letting Williams block him down.
  4. The Silver Lining

    Can guarantee you that Rivera is back next year as he should be. Why would any of you want someone else anyways? Just so you can overact and want that new guy fired after he struggles for 5 games. I could never understand how anyone could want a former coach of the year fired after he’s done such a great job of making us a consistent playoff contender. We aren’t the Patriots and no matter who we bring in we’ll never be in the NFC Championship game every year so I’m very happy with what we have with Rivera and other teams would love to have him which none of you understand. And yeah getting rid of Shula would be the right thing to do but is it really beneficial to do midseason when you won’t be bringing in an outside hire anyways? We’re 5-3 right now so relax
  5. Almost at That Point

    I'm very interested to see if we just go ahead and throw Samuel into the fire and see what happens. I think we'll see much more speed on the offense with Samuel and Shep getting more reps now. Clay could get some opportunities going forward too.
  6. CMC to become a full time WR ?

    He'll play more slot on 1st and 2nd down this year for sure but by no means is he becoming a full time WR. I'd still bet he's our starting RB next year after he gets more comfortable
  7. U-G-L-Y

    I blame Stewart much more for letting an LB cross his face untouched. That seems like an unreasonable block to ask any LT to make and I just don't understand how Stewart could run by that LB
  8. Why is Igo butthurt over CMC?

    Not saying Matt Kalil is any good but Igo also blames him at least once a week for a "missed block" when the play design was for him to intentionally leave the back side end unblocked or when it was really someone else who missed the block. I guess CMC and Kalil are just in his dog house.
  9. You take so many shots at Matt Kalil for "missing his assignment" its ridiculous. You're supposed to leave the end unblocked on an end around and hopes he crashes down... Stewart is also the one who missed the block on the CMC sweep that got blown up and all of you blame Kalil because he can do no right in your eyes.
  10. Yeah he doesn’t play enough snaps for that but he’s gotta have the most sacks per snaps played this year which is so impressive at his age
  11. I can't stand Ron Rivera

    The same people that want Rivera fired will want his replacement fired within a year or two. Ron's track record shows he's a great coach and so many other teams would love to have him. We'll get this season turned around unless the O-Line (the main source of our problem) can't get it together
  12. Similar playing and running style for sure but it’s clearly yet to been seen from Samuel yet
  13. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    That was Larsen’s fault not Kalil. Norwell pulls and Larsen is supposed to block down on the 1 technique. Kalil is just there to help Larsen
  14. We were robbed of a TD

    Robbed is absolutely the right word. Losing that timeout was huge. Yeah we scored the next play but we had a timeout taken from us on a bad call
  15. Stewart was washed up a year ago

    Didn’t he lead the league in yards after contact last year? Absolute joke of a thread using one game of bad run blocking to make a point. If he went out and ran for 100+ yards I’m sure you would have made a post about how good he still is at the age of 30.