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  1. Another Receiver is Recommended

    I didn't really see us going anywhere with our even worse WRs in 2015 but look how far we got. We actually have a pretty solid WR group right now with a good combo of size and speed. It's really on the O-Line to protect Cam and give him enough time to find his weapons down field.
  2. Hurney Statement

    I've heard him on the Charlotte radio before and it always seemed like he would credit Gettleman for how he handled the cap situation and Hurney would acknowledge and joke about how he is the one that put them in a bad cap situation. Hopefully he can take the best of what Dave did and the best of what he did and put them together for however long he is the interim GM.
  3. Wow Captain, Peppers, Amini, and Hurney all back in one year. At this point just bring back Smitty and Deangelo to get the band back together
  4. Ron Rivera the new Belichick

    I don't understand all the dissed towards Rivera and how half of you want him fired every time the team plays bad. He is a terrific head coach and I can guarantee you that if we hired someone else you'd all want him fired and Rivera back within a year or two
  5. Isn't is supposed to be a list that ranks players going into next season and not just based on last years production? Either way Watt should be top 5 or not on the list at all
  6. Fun McCaffrey Watch

    I watched that game live and hoped he'd be a Panthers ever since. He put on an absolute show from start to finish
  7. Yeah I agree with that
  8. You can't honestly tell me you don't understand why it rubs some people the wrong way is what I guess I'm saying. I don't mind it too much since he's my quarterback and he's winning a lot of games but I certainly don't love it and I understand why it rubs people the wrong way. If Matt Ryan did a first down dance I'd yell at the tv because he plays for another team and he's getting paid to get first downs and it shouldn't be a big celebration every time
  9. Don't get me wrong I love Cam but I couldn't agree more and half the people on here would absolutely hate him and rip on him if he was on another team. The touchdown one is okay but don't do it in people's face. You're 9-0 and up 17 on a bad team. Let you're play do the speaking at that point. I have no problem with the towel on the head or celebrating with his teammates but sometimes he gets too carried away Anyways we are 9-0 and these little issues don't really matter when you are winning
  10. Quit blaming the coaching. The front 4 is getting blown back and are getting no pressure
  11. Bene and the front 4 are the ones playing like crap
  12. Klein looks really good as did Shaq Thompson. It's nice to have great depth and some competition
  13. Panthers Roster Projection Update

    Fozzy will make the team. No reason to keep 6 corners and only 5 LBs. we have so many good LBs and they won't just cut a couple for no reason when they can be good depth and special teams players.
  14. Play of the Day - Kelvin Benjamin

    and when Anderson came in against the steelers kelvin caught a long bomb from him too. It's just because Anderson has more touch on his passes but either way Cam and Benjamin are starting to figure each other and they will get better with time