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  1. Having depth is a great problem especially with how bad the drop off in talent was after Funchess late last year. Think of who our WRs were in that Saints playoff game... We are extremely lucky to have Samuel as our 4th or 5th WR heading into this season.
  2. panthers34

    CJ Anderson

    Anyone else shocked to see Anderson playing so late into the game? I was expecting him to get a few runs in the first half before calling it a night. Almost like the coaching staff isn’t fully sold on him or something but gotta say that he definitely looked legit running the ball.
  3. panthers34

    Video: Moore smokes Jackson

    As bad as Jackson got burned it is great to see his recovery speed and his ability to play the ball in the air so well. Also that is a very smooth route by DJ. Great to see some young talent at the skill positions
  4. The most you'd get is a conditional 7th round pick for him if anything at all. The condition being that he makes the other teams 53 man roster and probably would have to stay on it all year for us to get the draft pick.
  5. We hardly ran zone in the wild card game or at all last year so your point makes no sense. Wilks was big on rushing 5 and running man coverage almost every play and the defense just looked bad most of last year. Almost won the Super Bowl and had the best year in franchise history with a zone defense so I really don’t get why you’re saying we need more man defense or else we’ll get exposed. I would say running more man would be a disaster but we really can’t run more man than we did last year because that’s all we ran. Really hoping we go back to a zone defense more like McDermotts which our LBs thrived in and the rest of the secondary was much more successful with. Bradberry and Worley we drafted for their zone cover skills and looked awful last year in man. I will say though that drafting Jackson will definitely help our man defense a lot if that is what we end up running this year. Nothing can we worse than what we saw last year. Couldn’t ever get off the field on a 3rd down, and had almost no turnovers. Just didn’t have the athletes for a man defense.
  6. OBJ is far better at creating space and getting open. He is a great route runner and is amazing at extending his arms to catch the ball away from his body. Does it better than anyone in football on top of being a great route runner and overall athlete. Yes he's a diva but he's an absolute freak of nature as a WR. Comparing him to Moore is just silly. Way different playing styles and skill sets. What DJ Moore might be able to do better than OBJ is run after the catch, and hopefully with his size will be much more durable. Other than that OBJ is one of a kind
  7. A lot of you complaining but I think this is the best move he's made all night. Should be getting tons of offers overnight for pick 101 and couple possibly end up with a third round pick in next years draft at the very least
  8. With an uncertain OBJ future and Eli's career coming to an end, they are in win now mode and took the best player in the draft. He's a hard working can't miss guy so I don't understand how that's a bad pick compared to a bunch of QB's that have so many concerns and question marks.
  9. panthers34

    DJ Moore Highlights Video

    He turns into Kamara after he catches the ball. Great balance and ability to break tackles.
  10. panthers34

    So Ridley to Atlanta

    Can't even pretend like he was a bad pick because he's a stud and it would have been stupid of them to reach for someone else. That's a scary WR group for sure but we'll address the secondary tomorrow and hopefully Atlantas other holes end up being too much for them to overcome
  11. Josh Jackson or Isaiah Oliver would be worth moving up for IMO. I'm not super high on Reid but wouldn't mind him if he fell to us
  12. I agree somewhat with this argument for TE's, but I completely disagree with this argument for RB's RB's are one of the lowest paid positions because most of them can't stay healthy and productive enough to get that big contract after their rookie one expires. It's not that they aren't valuable, they are just easily expendable and unreliable overtime.
  13. Will Hurst really ever be better than a guy like Ed Dickson? I just don't ever see him being a big time play maker and taking him just to have leverage in the Greg Olsen negotiations like Newton suggest is just stupid. I would hate this pick especially when Hurney talked a lot today about getting a good who makes a big immediate impact with his the first round pick. Can't pass on a guy like Ridley who would be a day one starter
  14. Lamar Jackson is a freak athlete. Wasting his prime athletic years on the bench would be a disservice to him and we’d be wasting away what he does best. Whatever team drafts him is drafting him to play right away (or at least should be) which certainly knocks us out of the conversation. I expect Jackson to have the same kind of instant success that RGIII had in his first year but he’s a far better runner than RGIII ever was. The rest of his career will rely on if defenses can figure him out and if he can stay healthy unlike RGIII. IMO with a healthy Cam on the roster, Jackson makes no sense for the Panthers
  15. Yeah I agree with that