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  1. They were left on an island in man to man coverage all year with Wilks sending the house every play. Both of them were drafted as zone CBs to play under McDermott but Wilks has a different philosophy which didn’t help them. I’m fine with both of them as they should only get better and since we have much bigger needs at this point. A nice young athletic safety with some range would greatly benefit both of them. I’m fine with both Adams and Coleman individually, but together they don’t have nearly enough range. One of them has to be replaced.
  2. Why the hate on Wilks?

    He switched us from a zone coverage, keep everything in front of you defense, to a man coverage and bring at least 5 guys on every single play. Defense could never get off the field this year and gave up so many big plays. When it’s 3rd and 10, I miss seeing Kuechly and Davis giving up the checkdown and making the tackle short of the first instead of watching a slant pass go for 30 yards because our LBs are at the line of scrimmage and not back in a zone. Not to mention that Kuechly and Davis play so much better from space instead of hugging the line of scrimmage as well as the fact that Gettleman drafted Bradberry and Worley to be zone CBs and now they are forced to play a ton of man with no help which they just aren’t capable of doing. Definetly prefer McDermott’s style for our personnel
  3. All I know is Daryl Williams was 3 yards inside of Cam's inside shoulder. Not sure how the QB being outside of the RT is considered "in the pocket"
  4. I like Coleman and Adams individually but just not enough athleticism between the 2 of them. Need to let one good and bring in a young athletic safety with range over the top.
  5. Yeah can’t argue that. I like him a lot but also thought we could have still gotten him in the second round. Definitely didn’t seem like the “best player available” like Gettlemans would always say.
  6. He’s much better at TDs position that he is the “Buffalo Nickle”. I think he’s going to be pretty good going forward as TDs role is reduced
  7. I should rephrase what I said. I think he meant more along the lines of “holy crap I just can’t believe someone could possibly be back in the game after that hit”
  8. Fire Shula

    So sick of fire Shula threads. We all know everyone wants him gone. Don’t need reminders 5 times a week. And personally I would like him fired but to be honest he did an okay job today considering the weapons he’s working with
  9. You guys are jumping to conclusions. Sounds more like he’s questioning Carolina for allowing him to come back in after that hit
  10. Samuel looked really good against Miami. Got more consistent separation than any of our WRs have all year and him and Cam looked to be on the same page. He would have been huge to have in the playoffs and IMO was the biggest injury to our team all year.
  11. Other than Smitty how about having Stewart in his prime again?
  12. I'm telling you guys..

    I agree. Hardly any misdirection or hard play action either. They did the same thing against Tampa too. Hopefully we’ll come out firing like in the 2015 playoffs
  13. Linebackers Intensity is lacking?

    The reason Luke and TD aren't dominating like usual is because Wilks system has the LB's practically hugging the line of scrimmage pre and post snap, as opposed to having them playing back from space. I prefer Mcdermotts style of letting the LB's play back, read the play and flow to the ball which TD and Luke dominant at.Instead Wilks plays them up on the line, and usually gives Kuechly a gigantic gap assignment where he has to take on more blocks. I also can't stand how Wilks has the LB's blitz or shadow the RB's on pass plays instead of letting them drop back into deep zones and then fly up and make the tackle on the check down throws. I miss seeing on 3rd and 8+ Luke and TD drop back to the first down line, give up the check down pass and then come up and make the tackle short of the first down. Wilks seems like a really cool dude with a lot of respect from the players, and I think he will make a good head coach but I personally can't stand him as a coordinator.
  14. Just because Kamara is a stud doesn't mean CMac is a bust. CMac is a huge part of our offense and was totally worth the 8th pick. The Saints clearly got a steal but that shouldn't take away from the value CMac brings to this team. At least we didn't get stuck with John Ross, Mike Williams, or Corey Davis. Those 3 combine have 45 catches for 470 yards and no touchdowns this year. CMac is very productive, a great locker room guy, loves football, and will be in this league well into his 30s. Kamara is much more productive and is a great pick so far, but who the heck knows what his future holds. Lets just be happy we got a good football player and quit comparing him to a guy that nobody saw being this good.