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  1. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I completely understand your disappointment and I think a lot more people on here would too if we weren't in the Super Bowl or if they were in your situation. It would have been nice of Cam to just smile or say hello to you guys but I'm sure he's more worried about making you and the rest of his fans proud this Sunday 
  2. Who is this year's surprise star in the sb

    Thomas Davis will put on a show to remember... 
  3. Don't even start this. Let's not dropped to the level of Seahawk fans...
  4. This is why you don't jump the gun on firing people just for the sake of change. The Browns are a classic example of this and that is why they are continuously bad every year.
  5. Damn he deserves a statue right outside the stadium after he retires... As always he just keeps pounding
  6. Our 1st play from scrimmage

    I would love a naked bootleg that Cam takes to the house 
  7. It won't be easy to do but as long as they keep their contain I'll be happy 
  8. Something to keep in mind

    Although I'm partly wrong it's more true than half the stuff the media says haha
  9. Something to keep in mind

    I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up this week but I think it is worth noting that this is the SECOND time we are facing the Seahawks this season after a bye week. That gives up 4 weeks that we have been able to study and prepare for the Seahawks this season compared to the Seahawks who have had only two weeks to prepare for us this season.  I think we will be the more prepare, healthy, and overall better team and that on top of us being at home will give up the big advantage.   
  10. Best wishes on your playoff run

    Damn this packers fan gets more pie than half of us do... 
  11. How ready are you for Bersin at punt returns?

    I would love to see Norman back there 
  12. How awesome would it be if KB could make it back for the super bowl. I remember hearing that the Bears think they could maybe get Kevin White back by the end of the year but I also think KB tore his well after White did 
  13. Carolina crossed over a line of arrogance?

    I didn't want to start my own thread for this but I'll be in Hilton Head visiting family on Sunday when we play the Giants and I wasn't sure if they would be showing the Panthers or the Falcons game on fox there so I am curious if any of you would know that answer
  14. How many Panthers make the NFL 2015 Top 100?

    Turner and Kalil probably won't make it and never in a million years would kk be ahead of kuechly  I wouldn't be surprised if Coleman got left off even though he is having a great year and I would say there is a small chance Stewart makes it as well
  15. Cut or Demote Ginn next year! Please!

    Oh because Philly and Funchess have been known for their reliable hands...