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  1. So what does Gettleman do with this money?

    Extend KK before the start of the season. That is the only logical thing to do. The only good that could come out of letting Norman walk and not play one last season. He needed the money now for KK. Because if he has as good a year or better this season, it is really going to get pricey.
  2. 2016 Panthers Schedule - Thoughts and Musings

    Pulled out my work schedule the other night comparing to Panthers schedule and it's the best it has ever looked. I have 13 of the 16 games off. Have to work during the Vikings game, the Rams game, but I am on night shift, so still be able to watch most of it before work, and the Seahawks game. I seriously only had 2 home games off last season. I had to use up so much vacation, it was ridiculous. Will be out of town on vacation during the TB Monday Nighter though. That sucks, but other than that and trying to work during the Seahawks game I couldn't be happier with where the games fell.
  3. NFL Draft Magazines

    Been kind of busy this year and really haven't even made an attempt to look at the prospects and what not for this year's draft. (Maybe it's the sting of the Super Bowl loss though that is the real reason.) Either way, I usually like to pick up a few Draft Magazines along the way. Seeing as I am so late to get started this season, what is the best/most recent one/s to get? Going to pick up one or two today.
  4. Walking Dead Season 6

    I feel sure you will still not know who got bashed until well into next season. I would be willing to bet next season will follow primarily Negan and his people, starting a few days before Rick attached them. The whole first half of the season will be a flashback, and then midseason finale will be the same cliff hanger ending. I would be willing to bet that the writers don't even know who they want it to be yet. They are feeling out our reactions, which to me shows no balls. It better be a main Character. By main I mean someone there from pretty much the beginning.
  5. Southern Tier is one of my favorites. I am pretty excited about this! https://www.charlotteagenda.com/41666/southern-tier-victory-brewing-merger-headquarters/
  6. Stone Xocoveza

    Yes, it was actually my victory beer at the NFC Championship Game. It is really good but I do honestly like the original better, but not by alot.
  7. Didnt think I could be any more hyped for this game. Then I watch your video! Amazing job!
  8. This is a huge problem for me. It has nothing to do with how good we are doing either. I live in Columbia SC and no one, other than Champs carries anything Panthers. I can find South Carolina, Clemson,Alabama, Georgia, and Florida stuff all day. Never anything Panthers. I have grown to hate College Football because of it. That's all these people down here care about. Hopefully that will eventually change. Winning a Super Bowl may push the merch farther South.
  9. Super Bowl/Work schedule Delima

    Yeah, worst case I will call in. I don't like doing that, but It would not be my first and I am sure it would not be my last time either. Ha-ha.
  10. So, I am off for the Super Bowl, however I work early Monday 7am to 7pm and same Tuesday, then off Wednesday and Thursday. I want to come up to Charlotte to watch the game, so I will probably switch my Monday with Someone's Thursday, or switch to night shift Monday and Tuesday.I have a few people that owe me a flex day. The delima is, I really want to be there for the parade, if/when we win. I know there is no set schedule and no way to know for sure what day it is on, but if you had to bet your work schedule on it, you guys thinking Tuesday or Wednesday?
  11. Stone Xocoveza

    This is a damn good beer. I loved it last year and was really upset when I found out it was a one time thing. Glad they listened to us and made it a seasonal. Stone Sorry Not Sorry Imperial IPA is really good as well. If you haven't had these, check them out!
  12. What are You Drinking Right Now?

    Trappistes Rochefort 6
  13. I do like White Thai and One Claw, they are really good beers. Outside of those 2 i cant think of anything brewed there thst i would drink again, unless it was free. Haha I think Mexican Cake is SO overrated. Its not a good beer. Not a big fan of Evil Twin either. Gose is the worst thing I have ever drank. The only beer I can recall actually spitting out. Not a fan at all of the style, so my judgment doesn't really count on that one. To me it tastes like drinking vomit.
  14. Not a fan of River Rat. They filter their beers. I feel like filtering is stealing and I don't like it when people steal from me. They do have a very nice establishment but I just don't care for their beers. They are a little too plain for me. Their beers are nothing outside the box really. Conquest seems to be a little more creative with their beers. In my opinion anyway.
  15. I have only had a couple beers from Brewery 85. I was not overly impressed with what I had but they were far from bad.