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  1. o803oVaDeR added a post in a topic AUTOGRAPHS   

    If you go to the games early enough, there is an area near the players parking lot where people get autographs and take photos with the players as they are coming into the stadium. Same for after the games, when they are leaving, as well. I have done this several times, not for autographs, but I have seen them signing stuff for people on their way in and out. It is very hit and miss though. They don't stay long. Having said all of that, I have never seen Cam stop for anyone or anything. He usually has security with him and he walks right in and is usually on a golf cart heading out. 
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  2. o803oVaDeR added a post in a topic Huddle Kitten Extravaganza....   

    Didn't include my favorite. It was from a while back. I think her name was Kamini or something like that maybe. I could be completely off though. It's been several years sense it was posted. 
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  3. o803oVaDeR added a post in a topic Please tell me about beer in Growlers   

    If a growler is filled properly (so to not let oxygen, or as little as possible, in). It can last for a very long while as long as it is not opened. I have kept them for at least a month to a month and a half. Once they are opened the quality of the beer deteriorates the longer it sits. Introducing oxygen to the beer is very bad for it. Any time I open a growler I drink it that day. It will last for a day or 2 maybe, but it starts to change drastically after a day. 
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  4. o803oVaDeR added a topic in Brews and Bruhs - A Beer Forum   

    Three Floyd's Yum Yum
    This is a delicious Session Pale Ale by Three Floyd's. A buddy of mine stopped by the brewery and brought me a case back on his wayway, visiting from Chicago. If anyone is interested in trading something hard to get for a few bottles let me know. 
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  5. o803oVaDeR added a post in a topic World of Beer to Release Dogfish Head Choc Lobster   

    This beer was very interesting. It smelled and tasted just like a good chocolate Porter. Then the aftertaste smashed you with Lobster and Ocean minerals. As the beer warmed up the crustcean really started to come alive. You could smell and taste the ocean even more. I would order again but would not seek it out. 
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  6. o803oVaDeR added a post in a topic Heady Topper- The Alchemist (Vermont)   

    I had The Crusher by The Alchemist it was a Double IPA and was delicious!
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  7. o803oVaDeR added a topic in Brews and Bruhs - A Beer Forum   

    World of Beer to Release Dogfish Head Choc Lobster
    This Friday August 7th Dogfish Head is releasing their award winning Choc Lobster a chocolate Lobster Porter to all World of Beer locations in states they are distributed. It is a robust chocolate Porter with fresh live Maine Lobsters cooked right in the kettle during the boil process. This beer was created in 2012 and has been limited to competitions and small batches at the Brew Pub exclusively. Now we can all finally try it. I have been waiting a long time for a chance to try this. I will be ordering a few pints in Columbia before I head up to Fan Fest. 
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  8. o803oVaDeR added a post in a topic Ranking the modern Marvel Movies   

    1. Avenger
    2. Winter Soldier
    3. Guardian of the Galaxy
    4. Iron Man 
    5. Age of Ultron
    6. Ant Man
    7. Incredible Hulk
    8. Thor
    9. Iron Man 2
    10. Thor 2
    11. Captain America
    12. Iron Man 3
    The only reason Iron Man 3 is 12 is because that is all there is. If there were 20 films I feel sure it would be 20. Really didn't like that one at all. Big gap between it and the others in my opinion. 
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  9. o803oVaDeR added a topic in Brews and Bruhs - A Beer Forum   

    Southern Tier Warlock Imperial Pumpkin Stout
    Anyone ever had this beer? It is delicious. I just bought a keg of last years for $100. A little age has done this beer very good! Hopefully I still like it after drinking 15 gallons of it. Haha
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