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  1. Sports Illustrated Cover

    When do these hit the shelf in the Charlotte area?
  2. Keep it classy Titan's fans.

    Agreed.  This goes beyond being a sports fan, and being upset.  This is just being an awful human.
  3. Keep it classy Titan's fans.

    These were on a Titans forum that I was browsing through.  This is some of the worst stuff I have ever seen regarding football trash talk.  These are actual living humans.   Posted 1 hour ago I wish Newton had sustained fatal injury in that car crash. Biggest douche in the NFL Posted 4 hours ago LOL f*** you whiney Panthers b******...I'm glad Ron Rivera's brother died and I hope his starting QB is next!  
  4. Sister in law in ICU

    Quick update: SIL was moved from ICU this morning to a normal room.  Still dealing with some spiking high blood pressure issues, but overall she is on the road to full recovery.  Each day is a little better, and and memory is starting to improve.  Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes.
  5. Bye Bye SlingTV

    WWE network has ran flawless for me outside of the first couple they aired.  I have buffer issues every now and then, but that is just due to my router being across the house and interference through the old walls.  I have used it on a PS3 and Roku3.
  6. Sister in law in ICU

    Thanks so much for the support everyone.  I will try to provide regular status updates to keep everyone in the loop. Today was a very tough day for all of us.  Instead of improving it seems she stayed the same or maybe even got a tad bit worse.  For example she does not remember what month it is, or the year.  She knows who everyone is which is good, but simple stuff she just gets confused with.   We were told later this evening that this was normal for day 3, and it is usually the hardest.  They believe once the swelling goes down in her brain she will continue to improve, and should gain most of her memory back.  The MRI tonight revealed she may have suffered from 2 different strokes, but still as far as they can tell there has been no real physical damage.  As far as physical stuff goes she is able to get up and walk with assistance which is really awesome. We will begin to know more in the next few days, and I will share all updates.  Thanks again for all of the support. Keep Pounding and Go Panthers Jeff
  7. Cam Newton reported for theft

    I just went to a Packer forum and saw this in their live chat    45 minutes ago - Dagger85:  The police are going to question cam newton  45 minutes ago - Dagger85:  That banner he took from the packer fan cost the fan $500 to make they said  45 minutes ago - mkonyn:  what?  42 minutes ago - Dagger85:  He went over and ripped a packer sign down and took it with him pregame  41 minutes ago - Dagger85:  According to reports the fan called police and I guess claimed theft. Cost them $500 to make last year  41 minutes ago - mkonyn:  ha that's funny  36 minutes ago - mkonyn:  i hope the guy pushes charges  34 minutes ago - Dagger85:  They'll probably just make it right somehow  34 minutes ago - Dagger85:  But in all actuality, you can't just TAKE someone's property  33 minutes ago - GhostofCurly:  Cam is a dirtbag.  33 minutes ago - 7thFloorRA:  he does have a record for theft already. he stole a computer which got him booted from scumbag urban meyer's gators  31 minutes ago - mkonyn:  it'd be funny to see him land in jail over the weekend because of this  31 minutes ago - mkonyn:  i mean it'll be a nothing charge for him, an NFL big shot, but if it was one of us...  26 minutes ago - 7thFloorRA:  I doubt they do anything to him criminally but I bet he is fined by the NFL.  25 minutes ago - mkonyn:  well, that's honestly up to the fan  25 minutes ago - mkonyn:  he can push charges  24 minutes ago - mkonyn:  if the fan feels inclined he can push for trial, charges ext because it's not handled by the NFL, thats the judiciary system  22 minutes ago - Dagger85:  Nice play Eagles!  21 minutes ago - 7thFloorRA:  To the house!!!  18 minutes ago - Dagger85:  Fan says he is giving panthers 48 hours before taking further action  16 minutes ago - Dagger85:  Wow what a play
  8. Sister in law in ICU

    Hello fellow board members, Wanted to post here because I do not want to take over the football board.  If the mods would like to move this to get more exposure that would be awesome.   My sister in law was admitted to the hospital Friday evening after being sick for over a week.  Turns out after testing she had suffered a stroke and had bleeding on her brain.  She was rushed from Novant Matthews to Novant uptown Friday evening.  Her Blood pressure was 290/160 which they believe caused the stroke. At first she was going to be rushed to uptown for emergency brain surgery to stop the bleeding in her brain.  In the 15 mins it took me and my wife to get to Novant Matthews the bleeding had stopped.   The scar tissue from the stroke was actually swollen which assisted in stopping the bleeding on her brain. She has been in ICU care for the last few days and scheduled for an MRI tomorrow to see if anything else is going on.  As of right now the only thing major is she is suffering from memory loss.  They are unsure if some stuff will come back for not.  Anything within the last 2 months or so she does not remember at all. If anyone is able to donate that would be awesome, but if not just share with as many people as you can.  This is the best fan base in the world and consider this a family.  Please also keep her and the family in your thoughts and prayers.  Also want to throw a shoutout to my man Zaximus on here.  He and his wife are family, and have helped us out this weekend tremendously. Keep Pounding and Go Panthers     Jeff