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  1. Sports Illustrated Cover

    When do these hit the shelf in the Charlotte area?
  2. Cam Newton reported for theft

    I just went to a Packer forum and saw this in their live chat 45 minutes ago-Dagger85: The police are going to question cam newton 45 minutes ago-Dagger85: That banner he took from the packer fan cost the fan $500 to make they said 45 minutes ago-mkonyn: what? 42 minutes ago-Dagger85: He went over and ripped a packer sign down and took it with him pregame 41 minutes ago-Dagger85: According to reports the fan called police and I guess claimed theft. Cost them $500 to make last year 41 minutes ago-mkonyn: ha that's funny 36 minutes ago-mkonyn: i hope the guy pushes charges 34 minutes ago-Dagger85: They'll probably just make it right somehow 34 minutes ago-Dagger85: But in all actuality, you can't just TAKE someone's property 33 minutes ago-GhostofCurly: Cam is a dirtbag. 33 minutes ago-7thFloorRA: he does have a record for theft already. he stole a computer which got him booted from scumbag urban meyer's gators 31 minutes ago-mkonyn: it'd be funny to see him land in jail over the weekend because of this 31 minutes ago-mkonyn: i mean it'll be a nothing charge for him, an NFL big shot, but if it was one of us... 26 minutes ago-7thFloorRA: I doubt they do anything to him criminally but I bet he is fined by the NFL. 25 minutes ago-mkonyn: well, that's honestly up to the fan 25 minutes ago-mkonyn: he can push charges 24 minutes ago-mkonyn: if the fan feels inclined he can push for trial, charges ext because it's not handled by the NFL, thats the judiciary system 22 minutes ago-Dagger85: Nice play Eagles! 21 minutes ago-7thFloorRA: To the house!!! 18 minutes ago-Dagger85: Fan says he is giving panthers 48 hours before taking further action 16 minutes ago-Dagger85: Wow what a play
  3. This was just for testing, so all I will post for now. Thanks for looking.
  4. Pretty cool thread. I have not posted in it but I do have some stuff I can share. Will post some stuff in a few.