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  1. JefDav84 added a post in a topic What's the HAPPIEST you have been as a Panthers fan?   

    This.  The Uptown Pep rally, everybody had a car flag, and there were vendor tents at every major street corner in the city selling Panthers stuff.  Awesome times.
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  2. JefDav84 added a post in a topic Your childhood NBA team?   

    Hornets since I moved to Charlotte in 1989.  90's was a good era for lots of awesome basketball, and I enjoyed the sport a lot more back then.  I like a few teams in the 90's Bulls, Magic, Suns, etc.  Did not pull for any of them when they played the Hornets though.
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  3. JefDav84 added a post in a topic Honeybees in Bikinis   

    Yes.  Cara retired after this past season
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