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  1. Brandon Williams Catching On

    Great background; thanks. He obviously has the physical tools. It'll come down to his desire, work ethic, and ability to grasp the offense. I try not to get excited about unproven guys but he's definitely one of the more promising on the team in recent memory.
  2. Brandon Williams Catching On

    That guy is a beast. You would think that his athleticism would be through the roof if he was recruited to play in Oregon's offense. Maybe the only thing holding him back is between the ears? If that's true he would be a really strong candidate for breakout player this year.
  3. Brandon Williams Catching On

    Agreed. I think Olsen being almost exclusively a pass catcher makes it that much more important that the #2 can dominate in the run game. Honestly, I would put run blocking ahead of pass blocked for the #2. If B Williams can become a solid blocker then he could end up being a dual threat guy that can be groomed to take over the #1 spot in the future.
  4. Brandon Williams Catching On

    I'm really interested to see how he does at inline blocking in the preseason. I think that's the best way for him to set himself apart from the pack and earn some meaningful snaps.
  5. Mini Camp Update

    Thanks, Jeremy. It's great to have another person that can get some face time with the players. Always enjoy your photos, too.