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  1. CMC is fast.

    How the heck did Gurley hit 20 mph in just 8 yards? Thats stupid impressive !
  2. No, he comes off as a prick on good orning football. He still had the little man syndrome. He would destroy any young receivers confidence. I loved smitty as a player but just let it go.
  3. Next Gen Stats on CAM

    That's just for the week though. I think gurley had a 21mph run in some other week and I'm sure Brown does as well. That being said, the fact that's he's in the top for fastest plays of the week TWICE in once season as a QB is damn impressive.
  4. Next Gen Stats on CAM

    Agreed. Panthers Win>Cam. I just want a SB ring for his sake. He's done way too much for the team without recognition and feel a ring would get the haters off his back. I'm sure that wont happen but at least he'll get some credit for it. CAMVP is back!
  5. Next Gen Stats on CAM

    Nice. Another other coner and Newton would have scored lol. CAM the only QB on that list of the top 20 fastest plays of week 14. Sometimes we forget how much of a beast athlete CAM is. Mad respect for carrying us to that win last week.
  6. Which Cam Handshake Is Best?

    Trai's making it rain for sure.
  7. Any one see what Cams top speed was on that 60yd run this past week? I'm interested to compare it to the 69yrd (20.09mph) one he had against the Dolphins and JStews (20.4mph)earlier in the game. The 10-15 lb weight drop appears to have helped CAM get that burst back. I know its been said before but CAM is on a mission this year. He's better and more locked in than our last Superbowl run. Cant wait for the playoffs.
  8. @Jeremy Igo Hate to be that guy and not trying to be a prick but in pic 18 its "knew" instead of new. Just want this place to get the most positive rep so it can continue to grow.
  9. LMAO does Allen have an elk as a frontal man tramp?? Hahahaha
  10. That release fuchess got was nice. Browner is getting abused out there.
  11. Hot damn, that game was intense. Proud of this fuging team!
  12. Panthers - Eagles Predictions

    Branford leaves the game with a knee injury....
  13. Rivera big eff you to Lovie with that challenge.