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  1. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Love had a 29 in. standing vertical & 35 max & those are respectable for his size but scouts questioned his lateral quickness& didn't consider him a explosive athlete therefore questioned his NBA potential 
  2. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Kevin Love was viewed by many to be slow, limited athletically, would struggle to get shots off against more athletic 4's & would be a defensive liability with a low ceiling for improvement . My point is we don't have a clue how good or bad Kaminsky will be. Kaminsky is a legit 3 inches taller than Love & has a better outside game coming into the league while Love was/is a superior rebounder. Anything close to the inside/outside threat Love presents would be fine by me
  3. Expectation of Batum..

    Hendo was/is a slasher ,solid defender,energy type player. Batum can actually create offense which this team badly needs. We need someone else other than Kemba/Al to provide this. His offensive production might look the same as Hendo but his impact on this team will be greater
  4. Expectation of Batum..

    A article on Batum in the Observer gave the impression that Clifford plans to have Bat um facilitate a good amount of the half court offense 
  5. My take on Kaminsky

    What exactly did Winslow show in his lone season that makes so many think.he will be great.  He looks to be a versatile glue type guy IMO, so basically MKG with a slightly better jump shot at the same age