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  1. Treat Old man Palmer like he's Russel Wilson...

    Double team Olsen.
  2. Mel Kipers 2016 Mock Draft 1.0

    Not to be a homer but I was really hoping Buckner would fall to us. He'd be a perfect replacement for CJ and was earlier projected near the bottom of the draft. Oh well. Ogbah seems like more a pure pass rusher which we need.
  3. I agree but the Titans ownership is toxic.
  4. What has Mora done? This guy might be the most over-hyped coach ever. I hope some NFL team is dumb enough to hire that knuckle dragger.
  5. LOL It's Conan the librarian!
  6. Her name is Stoya. I figured it out by using 
  7. Week 10 TV Map

    Actually the reason the game is being shown out here is because of Ed Dickson. =P
  8. Week 10 TV Map

  9. Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

        I could totally see something like that happening.
  10. Shaq Thompson In The First?

    Shaq reminds me a lot of Roy Williams.
  11. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    I don't live in Charlotte but already know the answer.   Buffalo Wild Wings