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  1. Nicbsbll2 added a post in a topic Dolphin fans added to the list of most disliked   

    If your list of most disliked fans doesn't include Steelers and Saints fans (along with the Cowboys, like you mentioned) then you're doing it all wrong.
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  2. Nicbsbll2 added a post in a topic Anyone going up to SEA in OCT?   

    My sister, brother-in-law and now 5 month old niece live in Seattle. I've thought about trying to fly up there from Charlotte to take in the game (and visit them as well, I guess) but like others have said, the tickets are too damn expensive right now. As we get closer, if the prices come down, I might still try to swing it. 
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  3. Nicbsbll2 added a post in a topic Lee Ward / Artis Payne Combo   

    I was really disappointed we didn't see more of that last night. They ran behind a couple of no name tightends more than they ran behind Ward.
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  4. Nicbsbll2 added a post in a topic My impressions on training camp so far.. Overwhelmingly positive.   

    On this play in particular the full back went right, Cam went right but the running back (Artis-Payne) went left. Id say that was probably the running back going the wrong way, not Cam.
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  5. Nicbsbll2 added a post in a topic Stadium Seating Question   

    No, that's just for purchasing them as PSLs. If you get them off of stubhub then you are good to go.
    Also, if you have some type of physical condition that prevents you from walking up the stairs, if you go to the Guest Relations booth they can switch your seats to WC seating if they have them available (but only 2 seats so don't expect them to move your whole party of 5.)
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