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  1. PackerfaninCarolina lolz

    "Because fug Carolina" - 2015 NFL Refs
  2. Graham Gano is becoming a problem

    I agree with the OP. It's gotten to the point where you don't know if he's going to make it when he walks on the field and that is a big problem. 
  3. Cam Newton Tearing Up Packers Banners at BoA

    Damn straight. Get that poo outta our house!
  4. Titans fans don't want to watch the Titans right now. No way it gets flexed.
  5. Status updates? Really Zod?

  6. pick pick pick pick pick :P

  7. Your pick in the draft

  8. You're on the clock in the Mock Draft (Round 5)

  9. Thanks for the reps!