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  1. "Ask the personnel department"  Fox absolutely quit on our team. He was pissed off that he didn't get a contract extension so he tried to make the team pay out of spite. Yeah, they didn't give him much to work with, but he didn't try to get the team ready and blamed all of his failures on "the personnel department." Outside of his first few seasons here he was a .500 coach; nothing more and nothing less. As for winning in the playoffs with The Golden Calf of Bristol, does anyone remember how long he held out before he put him in? He waited until the season was seemingly lost. He just got lucky that their division was garbage and that The Golden Calf of Bristol had an even bigger horseshoe than Russell Wilson's stuck up his ass.
  2. Find anyone that knew him in college and they can tell you story after story about him running around on his girlfriend. And her forgiving him again and again because he had "learned his lesson."
  3.   And one of these days the public will find out that Russell's classy image is just a facade for an individual that lives in a moral grey area when no one is watching. They'll also find out that he's an individual that is hyper image conscious but has time and again shown a tendency to run around on the woman he's with at the time.
  4. Screw that poo. A win is a win no matter how it comes. Would actually probably make it even sweeter to hear them bitch all offseason if something flucky happened that helped us win the game.
  5. Know what time yet?
  6. Who has fewer loses? That's who I want to win. Screw themselves out of a better draft pick.
  7. Rich Eisen evidently has audio of Ball's pre game comments

    Nothing on that audio can justify his behavior. 
  8. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    They would immediately be framed and hung up in the TV room. Would be the perfect addition
  9. Rich Eisen's case for Cam as MVP

  10. It's either Pep or Smitty. We could use more pass rush and a big play threat. Anyone other than those two are just plain wrong.
  11. PackerfaninCarolina lolz

    "Because fug Carolina" - 2015 NFL Refs
  12. Graham Gano is becoming a problem

    I agree with the OP. It's gotten to the point where you don't know if he's going to make it when he walks on the field and that is a big problem. 
  13. Cam Newton Tearing Up Packers Banners at BoA

    Damn straight. Get that poo outta our house!
  14. Titans fans don't want to watch the Titans right now. No way it gets flexed.