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  1. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Hamilton, Bersin, Byrd, Shuler, and Capers. Boom!
  2. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    bye Felicia
  3. Panther Fan Twitter Follow Train 2.0

  4. I hate the idea of drafting Henry. That means we will and he'll be great.
  5. Because this thread has 220 views. That's 219 clicks (two of those views are me because I had to go back to see how many views).
  6. A Josh Norman holdout looming?

    Honestly, i think this is the best case scenario. I'd be ecstatic
  7. Don't feel to bad now

    100% agree. $4 mil in salary and only gave up a conditional 7th rounder. Decent back up plan.
  8. It Is Not Too Early

  9. The media seems to get it

    I couldn't even talk to my wife last night. I can't imagine if I had to talk to reporters.
  10. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    The tag part doesn't surprise me. Keep him for one more year to find a replacement the same way they did with Hardy. The fact that the team is seeking a long term deal does surprise me. Don't get me wrong, I love josh, but he wants to be the highest paid corner in the league. Someone will make him that. I'm surprised gettleman would be willing to invest so much in a corner. It seems to be contrary to how he wants to build his team. That being said, I'm not questioning anything gettleman does.
  11. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    I'm 6' 180lbs. I can easily restrain a 120lbs woman without hurting her or putting marks like that on her. Had an ex flip out on me. That's not what it looks like.
  12. Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football

    Jake Long anyone?
  13. Russell "Golden Calf of Bristol" Wilson

    God should have told him to hand the ball to lynch.
  14. Hardy 911 call

    Okay fine. I'll take that back. If there is a 240 lbs woman trying to kill me, I'll do what I can. I can't imagine a realistic situation where I would put bruises on a woman I was dating.