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  1. The media seems to get it

    I couldn't even talk to my wife last night. I can't imagine if I had to talk to reporters. 
  2. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    The tag part doesn't surprise me. Keep him for one more year to find a replacement the same way they did with Hardy. The fact that the team is seeking a long term deal does surprise me. Don't get me wrong, I love josh, but he wants to be the highest paid corner in the league. Someone will make him that. I'm surprised gettleman would be willing to invest so much in a corner. It seems to be contrary to how he wants to build his team.  That being said, I'm not questioning anything gettleman does.
  3. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    I've decided I am no longer ever giving an opinion on what we should or should not do. Whatever Gettleman decides is best. 
  4. It's true. I've lived here for 13 years and can count the number of people I've known that support the Cardinals, regardless of record, on my fingers. That being said, it's a huge transplant state. Even more so than Charlotte.  Everyone likes their home team until they suck and the Cardinals are good. I can also count the number of natives on my fingers. My wife happens to be one of them, but lucky for me, she never watched a single game of football until she met me. Now she rocks a Tolbert jersey every Sunday and made sure to dress our sons up in Panthers gear for school on Friday. 
  5. I've lived in AZ for 13 years. I've known maybe 6 of them. 
  6. Panther Gems in Fantasy Football

    I can't play daily fantasy because I live in AZ. My 10 y/o son, however, played in a league for the first time this year. I helped him draft and he picked almost all Panthers players. I think it was Cam in the 1st, Greg in 2nd, J-stew in 3rd. I kept trying to tell him, I love the Panthers too, but this is a terrible idea. He finished the regular season first in his league. 
  7. New York bans Fanduel and Draftkings

    And Arizona. I've wanted to play, but apparently if they find out you live in a state where it's illegal, they just don't pay
  8. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    I'm 6' 180lbs. I can easily restrain a 120lbs woman without hurting her or putting marks like that on her. Had an ex flip out on me. That's not what it looks like.
  9. Hardy 911 call

    Okay fine. I'll take that back. If there is a 240 lbs woman trying to kill me, I'll do what I can. I can't imagine a realistic situation where I would put bruises on a woman I was dating.
  10. Hardy 911 call

    I'm sorry. I missed the point in the 911 tape where he said, "she's trying to stab me with a knife." I thought he said, "she hit me with with a shoe, I don't need medical attention."
  11. Hardy 911 call

    It's not broken logic. Every fight I've ever been in as been calculated. You're thinking or you lose.
  12. Hardy 911 call

    That's fine. My point is this... There is no reason to lay your hands on a woman. None. Ever. I don't believe this happened as accused. I'm also not willing to call a potentially battered woman a liar until I know the facts. I've seen "domestic violence" cases (which can be something as simple as a broken window) where the woman is arrested because the man in the situation did the right thing.
  13. Hardy 911 call

    The tape does help Hardy, but I can call 911 right now and say President Obama is here trying to kill me and a cop will show up. I'm not convicting Hardy. He's one of my favorite players, but I'm withholding judgment. If half of what is accused is true... I don't want him on the team.
  14. Hardy 911 call

    Not true.
  15. We play a horrible horrible team and still managed to fug it up. Fire Rivera, make Shula or McD interim head coach, call the season a wash and move on.