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  1. Hell yeah, if the GOAT head coach is out there, you go after him. There's a lot of Patriots hate in the Carolinas and everywhere outside of New England, and more than enough Belichick hate to go on top of it. But, the bottom line is this dude built/coached the single greatest dynasty team in sports history with, most of the time, half of the on-field talent than most teams. He took a 6th rd QB and molded him into the GOAT. He took cast offs and guys nobody else wanted and turned them into role players. He never has all star WR or RB weapons, but he coaches his guys up to do their job or he kicks them to the curb (see Kony Ealy.) If Rivera was 1/3rd of the coach BB was, we'd have won the Super Bowl already.
  2. Black Mirror

    WUT! San Junipero is da bes! But yeah, I totally agree that Black Mirror does a good job appealing to different people differently. IIRC the hospital in a couple of the episodes (at least Black Museum) was St. Juniper's. It was one of the Easter eggs in there.
  3. I nominate myself because I'm da bes
  4. I think this one is going to be a surprise. Panthers win 33-27 It is a back and forth game all along, with each of us answering each other. A late (sub 2:00 left to go in the game) TD gives us a tie. They get the ball back but don't have time to get a score. The Saints win the coin flip in overtime and we end up forcing a three and out because Ted Ginn drops a pass. We drive down the field and score a TD for the win.
  5. Black Mirror

    The last 3: Hang the DJ, Metalhead, and Black Museum were easily the best of this season, but the first three were good to me too. I don't know that there is really a bad episode of this show yet. The one about the AI bees in a past season just seemed overly long. The reason this show creeps you out is because it is an accurate portrayal of the human condition. Technology can, has, and will expose the ugliest parts of people. This is exactly where we're headed in the future.
  6. 'twas me indeed. He was overrated. That said, I'll eat my crow and say he's done the best job of any of our OL this season, and obviously any LG in the league. To be fair, though, we did get him some help on the outside with Matt Kalil, despite people being overly critical of him, and our Center play has been better this year than last (up until last game, at least.) I fully expect he'll get paid. I dunno if it will be here, but if it isn't, I don't expect him to be so good elsewhere. The truth is, ultimately, interior linemen have been a dime a dozen the past 10 years or so. As teams move away from the run game more, the position is devalued. You need guys on the outside that can stop the edge rush more than clear a path inside for your RBs. Norwell has been great in both, however. Shula is still a big part of our run and pass game failures, though. I'll give Norwell his props, as he is one of the best guards in the league currently.
  7. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I was born on Pearl Harbor Day so I tell people I was born to drop bombs...
  8. Black Mirror

    That's one thing I like about it. S4 E6 has some callbacks/tie-ins to a lot of previous episodes. That doesn't spoil anything really, so make sure to look for them during that episode.