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  1. Newest E-Cat

    Hey man, you're the one living the life... making movies and all that stuff! BTW, nice 335!
  2. Newest E-Cat

    and my sick beats!
  3. Newest E-Cat

    We should have a freestyle thread up in here. All new bars, no pre-writtens.
  4. Newest E-Cat

    It's that time of year again... 1,000x better than OP
  5. Newest E-Cat

    white culture mashup but this is gangsta as hell tho
  6. Newest E-Cat

    another take on the Slipknot classic
  7. Newest E-Cat

    hahaha I kept waiting for the " DOW AH AH AH AH"
  8. Newest E-Cat

    holy poo how has that not been in my life until now?
  9. Newest E-Cat

    also, this
  10. Newest E-Cat

    lmmfao! That is awesome! Switching genres, on the subject of mash-ups this is still amazing too:
  11. Newest E-Cat

    Also, I did this remix/mashup over a decade ago. It blew up a little for a while there, but nobody ever really gave me credit. It was on my old Soundclick page when it existed. Thug Luv was always one of my favorite Pac verses, so I took the beat from that song, Pac's verse, and added Tech N9ne's Big Bad Wolf to make a new song I called at the time "Big Bad Thug Luv" lol I didn't upload this, and there are several bogus attempts at doing the same thing I did. This one is 100% genuine original though, and I am glad it is preserved on the net there. I probably have the original files on a hard drive somewhere, but yeah... good stuff.
  12. Newest E-Cat

    hahaha yes! I got bored one night during the playoffs/before the super bowl and insomnia was creepin' I chopped up Ked Woodley's verses real quick and wrote the music to the tempo that matched. I couldn't isolate his vocals well enough for it to be totally awesome, but lol I think it turned out hype as hell. I'm a 10k-ionaire on YouTube... lmao go me! Dominating the remix game!
  13. Newest E-Cat

    Good stuff man! I could actually hear those in the opening/closing credits of a sci-fi movie tbqh. I think it'd be totally fun to work in music for film/games. One of the tracks on my Soundcloud was the foundations for a login screen on a now defunct MMO I was helping with one time.
  14. Newest E-Cat

    I've posted a lot of my stuff here over the years. I honestly just did it at the time because it was a fun way to kill time and actually create something. I've been a music guy most of my life, and I've had a hand in everything from punk/thrash to metal to hip hop. I had a brief stint singing for a nu-metal band in the early 2000's. It didn't work out because of distance I had to travel to jam. I can play the guitar decently, but I enjoy making stuff the lazy way with programs like Fruity Loops, etc. I've also been fortunate enough to, by chance, cross paths with musicians that tour the world and humble myself and learn from them. I've not done anything in a long time because of a lot of the same reasons Jase offered. But, I remember back in the American Idol days Smoots posted himself singing a song during the discussion, and it was good. hepcat probably owns the "most talented" rights on these forums right now because he's always posting good things from his projects. IIRC another rapper here posted some of his stuff once, and it was actually really good. I cannot recall who it was right now but I think it was 13 Amp. I haven't checked out anyone else's stuff in this thread because I don't trust you all either, lol, but I do know the lot of you have already made my day as I caught up this morning. Me and my bud recorded these in my house in one evening a long time/many years ago (maybe 2005?!?.) I made the beats. They are quick mixes and nothing close to a finished product, but I think it bumps, and at least we can say we created something we like. That dude knows how to rap, and he's been doing it all his life. Also, here's a couple beats/music of different kinds from my old Soundcloud.
  15. Newest E-Cat

    The fact that your boys' response was "those guys probably never get any" probably says just about enough about you for anyone to know the depth of your effort. I mean, the fact that you even stated that here is kinda terrible. In what world is it okay to measure an opinion on the unrelated sexual experience of the opinion holder? Women aren't objects to be conquered nor the source of notches cut into a bedpost, and not all guys are wanna-be rappers that measure their adequacy on the feedback of their efforts. The bottom line is that you're simply irrelevant and self aggrandizing.
  16. I've always thought the statue was pretty bad looking anyway... His head/neck and the rotation of his wrist look totally unnatural.
  17. Newest E-Cat

    also... I'm more of an all music fan, but when it comes to rap, I lean a little more "mid-west" style as far as rap goes. I know that it is cliche that I say this and I'm a white guy, but still I persist. It has had its heyday, and there aren't many current artists that do much in the style outside of this label, but Strange Music still has some good artists. Tech N9ne - when he's being real and not gimmicky/commercial Murs Big Scoob MAYDAY! CES Cru BIG will always be my favorite from back in the day, and I can still pretty much rap every line he ever did. I also liked the stuff 9th Wonder was putting out with the whole Little Brother era. But, to be honest, flooded underground and watered down pop markets make it hard to keep up with relevant hip hop today.
  18. Newest E-Cat

    I came back from a two week hiatus this morning to find myself tagged in this thread. As I always do for my fellow Huddle "musicians," I gave this a listen knowing full well what to expect. That said, I think you've improved SLIGHTLY but still basically are just a truck loaded with garbage heading off to the landfill that just happened to lose a little on the way. You still over-enunciate, have shallow depth, and want to be something you're not. Stop putting yourself over good beats hoping it will help you. That only works for pop rappers that have some semblance of talent. Thanks for acknowledging my opinion matters by tagging me in this thread though. I was looking for a way to kill a few minutes this morning anyways.
  19. The Walking Dead season 8

    I think I'm done with the show, finally... It is just dumb. The whole point of TWD was basically that it was/is Rick and Carl's story. Everyone else is supporting cast. To kill off Carl, who is basically Rick's motivation from beginning to end, is just so dumb I can't even begin to go into it anymore. Gimple is terrible. The only thing that would save the show, and the comic if they go this road in the future, would be if they just end up making Negan the main character.
  20. The Walking Dead season 8

    I assumed the FTWD group was going to kind of replace the group we saw in the comics led by Magna. It would be about the right timing, as All Out War should be coming to a close, one would hope, at the end of this season. In fact, Alycia Debnam Carey kinda looks like Magna to me...
  21. The Walking Dead season 8

    I didn't see how the last season of FTWD ended, as I still haven't watched the second half... but... There was a helicopter featured in the first half of that season. Basically, it got shot down/forced to land, a certain group of people salvaged it and were trying to repair it. Maybe that's where the helicopter comes in? I believe the FTWD were last in Oklahoma or Texas or somewhere out in the midwest, not west coast. So it would be plausible for them to make it to Virginia. Honestly, though, if it isn't one of a few actors that actually interact with TWD crew/Morgan at some point, it will be, like most TWD TV things, pretty anti-climactic.
  22. The Walking Dead season 8

    I tried to watch last season and made it until about the halfway point but haven't really cared to finish it yet. They do a lot of the same dumb stuff that happens in TWD, with probably more annoying characters. Overall, I'd say it is on par with TWD. There are a couple characters/actors I like on FTWD, just like on TWD too.
  23. I told y'all about Ross, lol.
  24. Panthers 34 - Saints 24 Cam, CMC, Byrd, and Stewart get the TDs One of our LBs gets a pick... leaning toward Davis Pep gets two sacks late in the game when Brees is having to stay in the pocket longer Kamara gets his stats, though, as he accounts for two of the Saints TDs. Ginn gets the other. Basically, we jump on them with two early TDs and they have to start throwing more than they want to. We slow down a bit, but come out after half time and drop another 10 points relatively fast. The secondary stonewalls their mid-long pass game, and the have to resort to more of our own style of short yardage throws/runs. The pick and sacks come when their offense gets more desperate in the 4th.