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  1. was gonna respond with this but you got it covered... Most likely, Shula interprets the rule that we have to call the play at exactly 15 seconds left on the play clock. They probably think we're getting one over on the defense by waiting so long to break huddle and show formation, when in reality it probably hurts us more than does anything else.
  2. What are everyone's thoughts on Damiere's role moving forward? Does he immediately step in as #2 or #3 opposite Funchess or Funchess/Shep? I have to say I've been really unimpressed with Shepard. He's a JAG out there if not worse IMHO. Is he WR #4 for now and will only feature in 4 wide sets? Do we activate Bersin this week and roll with 6WR or does he get deactivated? I'm looking for a sneaky pickup for my bench at WR in fantasy football, and had the thought that maybe Byrd comes back with a vengeance these last few games... Obviously he and Clay share a similar skill set, but I think Byrd has better hands and routes. I've never really been on the Byrd bandwagon, but I see a situation where a guy like him could come in and make some noise.
  3. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    a person, nor a corporation, is not when said fruits come at the expense of resource and labor exploitation... "entitled to fruits of labor" is a veiled capitalist claim tbqh Purchasing power, lobbying, overpowering the common person, etc. doesn't classify as labor.
  4. 11-5 says the realist in me. Knowing the Panthers, we'll beat the close teams and drop a dud against TB and/or GB. I'm optimistic that we won't lose again this year, though. But 11-5 is safe money.
  5. He should have cut inside later and then immediately back outside, turning the safety's feet just long enough to burst by him.
  6. Wasn't Electro involved in the whole couch thing? Wasn't that where the threats and stuff surfaced?
  7. Punisher - Netflix

    I think it was really good. Bernthal nailed it. I thought the guy playing Micro did a good job too. As did Billy the Beaut. Moving forward, you gotta suppose S2 has Jigsaw as the main villain (gets out of prison/hospital somehow?) but I'd hope they pull in someone else other than the typical mafia/gang/normal villain to throw into the mix.
  8. lol you people act like Fiz hasn't been doing these things here since probably a decade before CMC was anything but a snot nosed kid... Personally, it is very entertaining to see people get so riled up into a 15 page thread all because of criticism of one of our players.
  9. Jacksonville OR Tennessee could both beat NE for the #2. NE, I think, will lose to Pittsburgh, Buffalo at least once, and potentially the NYJ. Their defense still isn't that great, and if you can shut down Gronk and their run game, they are pretty much just like the Panthers on offense. hit and miss. Buffalo is a good team when they can put it all together. Like it or not, they are basically the Panthers with a slightly worse offense and defense. Their defense actually can hang with most teams, and they hope their offense keeps them competitive. I think they match up well with NE and both games could be close. People are sleeping on Jax. I was a little disappointed in their outing yesterday, but they are a good team. Tennessee has a good squad too, just inconsistent.
  10. NE is going to be the #3 or #4 seed. Pittsburgh is probably gonna be the #1 on the AFC side. NE isn't gonna just coast. They are gonna have trouble with Buffalo this week, I think. That said, we NEED to beat NO, MIN, and ATL to be legit. GB looks like a gimme game, and TB doesn't scare me in Charlotte. I actually think we could lose all three of those NEED games and still make a #5 or #6 seed, but nobody wants to back into the playoffs. We owe both NO and MIN... NO for our last game in Charlotte, and Minnesota for the past two times we've faced them. I think we still owe ATL for marring our regular season in 2015.
  11. The Last Jedi

    ESB, TFA, RO, ANH, ROTS, ROTJ, AOTC, TPM. The end.
  12. The Walking Dead season 8

    It almost looks like they’re setting up a Daryl death, but I doubt it’ll ever happen. This week just proved that Negan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are probably the only thing worth watching for. Interested to see what the helicopter is about. Maybe a FTWD crossover?
  13. The Last Jedi

    K-2S0 alone made Rogue One great. R1 is easily top 4 Star Wars movies
  14. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Sounds like someone has a molon labe or gadsden sticker on their vehicle to me...
  15. What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    mah buddy's new video/songs from their new album
  16. Hurney scouting?

    so... speculation on who we're looking at? Could be a few dudes, obviously. I think Miami's LT is a pretty good lock to be a first/early second rounder. KC McDermott.
  17. Tiny Houses

    Another idea I've mulled over doing eventually is some kind of tiny/pod style designed living property. Basically, you build your initial tiny house (living area, kitchen, two sleeping spots). During this initial phase, you use a composting toilet or some form of out-style bathroom area. Ideally, you'd build a separate, state park style shower/toilet combo detached from your main living quarters. Then in a year or so, you are working in your spare time to construct a similar sized frame to your main living quarters adjacent to the original and the bathroom facility. This will eventually be BRs #2 and #3 (or #3 and#4 if you want to keep two options in the original (say, for a younger child.) Eventually, the goal would to be to have at least 4 small buildings on the property. Two dedicated living spaces, a bath house, and a kitchen/eating spot/lounge. Down the road, one of the living spaces could be rented out to someone and another dedicated bathroom facility could be constructed for it or onto it. You should be able to build the four fundamental buildings in this idea for $50,000 or less, and you could phase it all to spread out the expense. I think that is going to be the future of construction/living anyways. We're headed towards a more social/communal society. Shared spaces is where it is gonna be.
  18. Tiny Houses

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to decrease your footprint. I would rather be in a smaller house. We have two large rooms we barely even set foot in. The biggest issue about tiny houses is zoning laws. You better make sure that you meet all requirements there, as well as local housing authority guidelines for square footage per person, etc. Living tiny can and has been done many many times. Don't listen to the naysayers trying to talk you out of it. The truth is, you're probably wanting an extreme. My advice would be to meet somewhere in the middle of what you are used to and what you think you want. That way, you get more space than you think you'll need, but less than you currently have. If you're good enough with your own skills, you should be able to fund/build a 1,000 sq. foot or less house for probably 2/3rds of the cost of going turn key through a contractor. The biggest obstacles would be utilities setup and other licensed service work/installs, and footings (I would definitely build on a foundation and not a trailer,) but as far as the framing and the finishing work goes, you should be able to use your own labor. I'd love to buy 50 acres and build a small <1,000 sq. ft. home in the middle of it for our family of 4. But my wife would rather live in a subdivision. TLDR: Find compromises in what you think you want and what you end up doing. You can still make environmentally responsible decisions and do a lot of the work yourself.
  19. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    "oh those deceitful abuse victims"
  20. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    HAAAAA! Translation: "I'm a tough guy and dare you to try and take my arsenal because I might need it against the government one day." Usually found right beside Gadsden flags, troop support ribbons, and blue stripes. So, are you for or against big government? lol
  21. So I've been watching for this for a while, and I happened to google it this morning... But, it appears Showtime has landed Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle television series. If they do it right, this could be their Game of Thrones. http://www.slashfilm.com/the-kingkiller-chronicle-showtime/ The books, well the two and a half of them that are out (two novels and a little side-story,) are very good reads. Get in on it now while it is in the early stages, then you can be a book nerd critic with me if and when the show makes it out to TV.