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  1. If Obada is eligible to be activated, I think he is. At the very least, we'll take 6. Cox got some good PT last year and I think other teams saw it. We have enough questions at DE depth that we need all the active bodies we can afford to carry. If we end up taking 6, I think that extra spot could go to CAP as you mentioned, but IIRC that will take about a net of $350,000 off that cap room figure. It'd put us closer to only $1.6M under the cap, which is still decent. Jones' cap figure is too high. If we kept him in my roster projection, it'd hurt us more than help us. We'd basically be at cap with no room for an extra TE or emergency signing without making some other sort of detrimental move to accompany it. If we ended up bringing a 4th safety, it'd be Cox, Parms, or some guy that isn't on the team now. Again, we entered last year with only 3 safeties on the 53 man roster.
  2. https://theinsidezone.com/international-player-pathway-program-will-change-nfl Obviously, this was written at the inception of the IPPP. You'd think you'd be able to find the terms/rules, etc. somewhere in an official NFL capacity, but I've had no luck. I just remember reading last year, somewhere, and then at least interpreting that the first 4 guys in the program would be active roster eligible this year as well as PS eligible. The differences being that (a) Obada could suit up on real game days this year and (b) that if we stashed him on the PS, some other team could claim him. If they can claim him, don't they have to promote him to their active roster? If not, what stops us from just claiming him back? Why can't we have him on the active roster if another team would have the ability to?
  3. IIRC he can be on the 53 man roster now, but if we PS him, he can be claimed. IF we stash him on PS, we can carry 11 PS players but you risk him getting hawked. Not sure if this is correct understanding, but I will research and be back.
  4. FWIW in 2017 we rolled with both 3 Tackles and 3 Safeties on cut down day. We took 5 DEs, but I think we'll bring at least one more with Hall and Obada both being available. Hall made the roster but got the early IR last year and Obada couldn't be moved to the active roster. If we PS Obada, someone will take him. Haynes could be a PS candidate, but I think we'll want to keep him away from PS hawks too.
  5. I think they'll feel safer with Wright more often than not, at least early on, and will want to give Samuel more time to work on his legs. TBQH, though, both will probably be active most weeks with Byrd being the odd man out.
  6. I think my thought was that we'd plug Bradberry, Jackson, or another CB in at FS in an emergency situation, and then elevate Southward or Cox. Who gets cut to bring a 4th safety? Byrd? One of the rookie LBs? OL depth on an already sketch unit?
  7. I should have added that that cap number doesn't include the amount for the hypothetical TE3 we pick up. So, basically, it reflects the other 62 players I listed, and any TE or any other addition/subtraction we make will impact that $1.9M in space.
  8. The Packers saw enough in him to snag him after we cut him, and then sign him to a futures contract before he got nicked up and became an afterthought.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beau_Sandland Sign him post-Cardinals release. They've got at least three ahead of him on the depth chart, and I hated we ever let him get away.
  10. Bronn

    Leftist bickering goes here

    This. Another one people use that makes me cringe a bit is prison rape, and it is typically from the other side. I do see it among "leftists" from time to time, though. If you're using a bad thing (rape) as a justifiable punishment for anyone you simply disagree with, regardless of if they are actually in prison or not, then you're kind of defeating your own argument before it gets started.
  11. Bronn

    The weird Trump cult

    There are a few representatives on this very forum.
  12. Bronn

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Also, 7 years ago yesterday, A Dance With Dragons was released. Best estimates are The Winds of Winter won't be out until next year, lol
  13. Bronn

    Leftist bickering goes here

    So you're afraid of hungry children breaking into your home to eat?
  14. Bronn

    Where are you from?

    Also, I got my wife a kit from MyHeritageDNA a while back. Hers came back: 94.1% European (pretty much an even split between the North and West countries and the Iberian Peninsula (she's half Portuguese)) 3% Middle Eastern 2.9% African (1.7% West African/Nigerian and 1.2% North African)
  15. Bronn

    Where are you from?

    My sister did one of the DNA tests (I can't remember which one) and she sent me the screenshot of the results. Apparently my DNA originates from: Great Britain 55% Europe West 24% Scandinavia 8% Europe South 7% Low Confidence regions include: Ireland/Scotland/Wales 3% Iberian Peninsula 1% Finland/Northwest Russia <1% Europe East <1% So yeah, I guess I'm as white as they come. I've said here before that my direct lineages on my mothers side has been traced back to a German immigrant and early settler of Philadelphia in the earlier years of the American Revolution. He was a surgeon and crossed the Delaware with George Washington and was one of the top surgeons/doctors at Valley Forge. He was a pioneer of the smallpox vaccine. That's my mom's side. On my dad's side, I don't know a whole lot prior to the Civil War era. I do believe that both sides of my family were some of the first non-native people in NC. We also have some native history in there that's been lost in our DNA, I guess.
  16. IIRC (hard to tell from the gif) He grabbed Pacman's jersey at the shoulder and just used his momentum to sling him... It's always called for. 89 Bottom Line!
  17. Bronn

    Black bears roaming in and around Charlotte

    Huddle once had a bear cruise IIRC
  18. how many can I trigger?
  19. Bronn

    The Walking Dead season 8

    Now there's speculation that Rick dying will really be Rick getting captured by the Whisperers and being gone for the rest of the season. Then, S10 will be touted as "the return of Rick Grimes!" or either Rick's head will end up on a border post. basically Glenn's dumpster 2.0... LOL if they do that. I really don't think it should be renewed for S10 either way, but it probably will.
  20. Use code Fuhrer666 for a buy one get one extra toasty cheesy bread
  21. Bronn

    Team President

    Guess I'll go ahead and give the Huddle an exclusive... It's me. I'm the new team president. First order of business is pulling in Zaxby's as a sponsor for the concession stands. Second order of business is erasing the current library of musical score for gamedays, save "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Cat Scratch Fever," and replacing it with a heavy dose of death metal and hip hop. You're welcome in advance.
  22. Bronn

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    just because
  23. Bronn

    Shady McCoy

    sounds like a season of Fargo...