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  1. lol I found this with my Google-Fu: Page 9: Moorgan Narrator ALL-PRO 6,402 5,374 posts Location537 Paper Street Report post Posted September 1, 2017 So, it sounds like, last year at least, when we cut him, another team could have signed him. We could bring him back, but only on the PS as he was "assigned" to us by the NFL and we didn't acquire him through FA. From everything I have read, it still seems to me that he can be on our 53 man roster now, or be cut again and see if anyone else wants him, and then, if not, come back to our PS again as an exempt 11th PS player. Confusing as hell, but I think this is all correct. That said, I still think we take at least 6 DEs, but maybe even 7.
  2. Not too different from mine, but I think you're over the cap from first look. It could be made to work though, I think. Only other observations is that Munnerlyn is dead to me and I want him gone, tbqh, and we only get 10 PS guys if Obada isn't one of them, so I am assuming you picked him for PS but didn't list.
  3. Not Panthers, but related: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2018/05/13/uphill-climb-moritz-bohringer-undrafted-free-agents-cincinnati-bengals/604845002/ Bad journalism or more to it? IIRC we couldn't even cut Obada if we wanted to last year, and I thought I've read that the new guys in the program this year can't be cut. But, this clearly implies that the Bengals could cut Bohringer, and lose their roster exemption.
  4. I just feel like CAP would have been more featured and, if we truly thought he was going to be the guy, we wouldn't have brought in Barner in the first place. As it is, over the past three seasons CAPs workload has decreased every year. It may be that Samuel or someone else might spell McCaffrey in the new offensive scheme, too, which would make Barner more expendable. But, my hunches currently are that CAP is on his way out (via trade or cut) and that our offense will continue to develop more looks for players like CMC and Barner, while CJ carries the tougher, up-the-gut duties.
  5. The biggest question that has arisen for me, from this discussion, is that: If my interpretation of the little info that is out there is correct, do we lose the extra PS spot if we 53-man Obada? I would assume so. Also, what would the purpose of this program be if the guys involved are forced to sit on PSs for more than one season? I thought the whole idea was to advance their skills enough and adapt them to the speed of the game enough to actually let them play it when it counts...
  6. If Obada is eligible to be activated, I think he is. At the very least, we'll take 6. Cox got some good PT last year and I think other teams saw it. We have enough questions at DE depth that we need all the active bodies we can afford to carry. If we end up taking 6, I think that extra spot could go to CAP as you mentioned, but IIRC that will take about a net of $350,000 off that cap room figure. It'd put us closer to only $1.6M under the cap, which is still decent. Jones' cap figure is too high. If we kept him in my roster projection, it'd hurt us more than help us. We'd basically be at cap with no room for an extra TE or emergency signing without making some other sort of detrimental move to accompany it. If we ended up bringing a 4th safety, it'd be Cox, Parms, or some guy that isn't on the team now. Again, we entered last year with only 3 safeties on the 53 man roster.
  7. https://theinsidezone.com/international-player-pathway-program-will-change-nfl Obviously, this was written at the inception of the IPPP. You'd think you'd be able to find the terms/rules, etc. somewhere in an official NFL capacity, but I've had no luck. I just remember reading last year, somewhere, and then at least interpreting that the first 4 guys in the program would be active roster eligible this year as well as PS eligible. The differences being that (a) Obada could suit up on real game days this year and (b) that if we stashed him on the PS, some other team could claim him. If they can claim him, don't they have to promote him to their active roster? If not, what stops us from just claiming him back? Why can't we have him on the active roster if another team would have the ability to?
  8. IIRC he can be on the 53 man roster now, but if we PS him, he can be claimed. IF we stash him on PS, we can carry 11 PS players but you risk him getting hawked. Not sure if this is correct understanding, but I will research and be back.
  9. FWIW in 2017 we rolled with both 3 Tackles and 3 Safeties on cut down day. We took 5 DEs, but I think we'll bring at least one more with Hall and Obada both being available. Hall made the roster but got the early IR last year and Obada couldn't be moved to the active roster. If we PS Obada, someone will take him. Haynes could be a PS candidate, but I think we'll want to keep him away from PS hawks too.
  10. I think they'll feel safer with Wright more often than not, at least early on, and will want to give Samuel more time to work on his legs. TBQH, though, both will probably be active most weeks with Byrd being the odd man out.
  11. I think my thought was that we'd plug Bradberry, Jackson, or another CB in at FS in an emergency situation, and then elevate Southward or Cox. Who gets cut to bring a 4th safety? Byrd? One of the rookie LBs? OL depth on an already sketch unit?
  12. I should have added that that cap number doesn't include the amount for the hypothetical TE3 we pick up. So, basically, it reflects the other 62 players I listed, and any TE or any other addition/subtraction we make will impact that $1.9M in space.
  13. Make your guesses at how our final roster(s) turn out here. I used the roster manager at Spotrac and came up with the team below. By their values, and with the salary adjustments I made for PS players, this gives us cap room of around $1.9 Million. Offense (24): QB: Cam Gilbert I still like Gilbert as the backup, but we might end up snagging someone from cuts. RB: Anderson McCaffrey Barner The CAP/Barner battle will be one to watch. Someone suggested trading CAP in another thread, and I have to admit he is one of the more likely tradeable players on our team. Barner, IIRC, brings more to the return game, so I give him the nod. FB: Armah He'll be a better player in this system, and used a lot more in different sets (including TE.) At least, I hope. WR: Funchess Smith Moore Wright Samuel Byrd Only one we're missing here is Bersin, ha. But yeah, I think all 6 of these will make the 53 man roster, but Byrd, Samuel, or Wright sit each week. TE: Olsen Thomas FA Signee Looking at our roster, this may trump safety as far as depth need. I think we'll snag someone here post cuts for sure, IF we don't trade for someone or bring them in during camp. T: Kalil Williams Moton Can any of them play LT? Kalil will hold it down another year, but I like some of the younger guys we've got hanging around, at least on paper. G: Turner Van Roten Sirles Silatolu LG will be another TC battle to watch. It could end up being someone not listed on this G list (read Larsen or Moton,) but I'll give the edge to Van Roten. C: Kalil Larsen Maybe the best C and backup C combo in the league? Defense (26): DE: Pep Addison Horton Hall Obada Cox Haynes We're pretty set here IMHO. I think Hall and Obada will surprise. DT: Short Poe Butler Love Stacked. Try to run at this rotation. I dare you. LB: Kuechly Davis Thompson Mayo Norris Carter Smith I like both rookies to make the 53 man roster. It pushes Jacobs out, though. CB: Cockrell Bradberry Gunter Jackson Seymour I think Captain is gone, despite the hit. I don't know that he ever really got out of the doghouse from anything I've read, and tbqh he played like hot garbage. Bradberry might be in danger, tbqh. I think we're pretty good here, however. S: Adams Searcy Gaulden Colin Jones not making the cut makes this a pretty thin unit, and I expect we've got Boston or someone on speed dial. As long as Adams and Searcy don't have to play catch up and can keep the action in front of them, I think we'll be okay. As far as Gaulden goes, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Special Teams (3): Gano Palardy Jansen No questions here. For the PS players, I dropped all their salaries to $150,000 or so. It could end up being a little more or a little less on a case-by-case basis. The only real surprise here is Elder, I suppose. I think that if we cut him and re-sign him to the PS he gets a new contract, which will give us a few more dollars in space. He, Cox, and Southward, I did set salary values of $250,000 for. Practice Squad: QB - Heinicke WR - Howard TE - Baylis T - Eatmon G - Bosch DT - Norton DT - Sprinkle CB – Elder CB – Southward S – Cox
  14. The Packers saw enough in him to snag him after we cut him, and then sign him to a futures contract before he got nicked up and became an afterthought.