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  1. Best Hair Band songs

    For me, the 90's could have even been later, into the 94 era because of music and stuff... The 80's were great, but I agree that the 90's seemed delayed. And yes, 9/11 pretty much defined the 2000's, sadly.
  2. Best Hair Band songs

    I loved the Captain America & The Avengers game too! I remember playing as Hawkeye, lighting folks up with some arrows. IIRC you could play as all of them. Captain America could throw his shield. lol sorry I have trashed the 80's hair thread with my nostalgia...
  3. Best Hair Band songs

    bruuuuhhhh... parallel universes exist! a lot of those rang true for me too... I was born in 1980. I can remember being mad I had to go to school one Saturday during my Primary school years to make up a snow day because I was going to miss the WWF cartoon. But yeah, a little later on in my years, it was WWF/WCW, XMen the animated series (can hear the theme song in my head right now), Bobby's World, Super Nintendo (I was running full seasons in Super Play Action Football before Madden was really a big thing,) Sega Genesis (Eternal Champions, Jurassic Park,) etc. etc. etc. Those were the days, man!
  4. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    never fear, huddlers, Musical Elitist is here... The second song is a perfect example of what I was talking about before... It is a cinematic build up track that never climaxes. This first song was actually likable... but the second one just reeks of "I'm not a musician I am an artist revel in my art" pretentiousness...
  5. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    That's possible, I suppose. But a friend of mine also made a similar comment. He likes FTWD better so far than TWD. He also likes GoT better than all of them. He hasn't read the comics though, and his logic is that GoT hits you with new stuff week in and week out, and doesn't get overly dramatic and stretching things out. With TWD he feels like each week is just a lot of delaying the end result. I mean, I like all three shows, obviously. But, there is something to be said when other people see the same things wrong with a show that you do, but for different reasons. Also, yes, Alex was on the webisodes. I figured we would see her again because they built it up a lot for only one episode worth of seeing her in FTWD.
  6. Best Hair Band songs

    YES! It always bugged me that he looked familiar too, and now I see that! HAHAHA man, we had the best childhood, with the peak of wrestling and hair metal...
  7. Cant even find a Fred Lane highlight on youtube

    What other memories do you have about the Panthers that you can't find on YouTube? I remember DeShaun Foster taking it 63 yards for a TD the first time he touched the ball in a preseason game vs. the Redskins... Dwight Stone got knocked the F out on a return one time... I think it was vs. the Lions... but he got up, and his eyes were rolling side to side in his head and he fell back down... I can barely find anything with Willie Green or Mark Carrier in a Panthers uniform... Howard Griffith pancaking the hell out of dudes...
  8. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    Radiohead always sounded like a newer Pink Floyd that was about to, at any moment, break out into a heavy rock part but never really did. They got famous from their singles, but never really wanted to keep doing them. It comes off as highly pretentious, and somewhat arrogant tbqh. Obviously they are good at what they do, and set the stage for more modern acts that are of the similar vein, but I just never really got it. It just comes across as emotionless or soulless...
  9. Best Hair Band songs

    nvm already posted
  10. Best Hair Band songs

  11. Best Hair Band songs

    for the longest time I thought that one guy was Shawn Michaels
  12. Cant even find a Fred Lane highlight on youtube

    I probably have all his stuff on VHS. I will try to find some highlights sometime and make a video for you.
  13. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I'm guessing you read what I read about a certain battlefield and a certain prisoner of war?
  14. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    It was theorized on Talking Dead last week that maybe Connor's boat picked up Alex and the other kid on the dingy. They knew that Alex got her supplies from someone else, so they questioned her. That's how they knew people's names and how to find the boat, since Alex likely overheard the plans. It is a good theory, and maybe Connor indeed isn't as bad as we are led to believe. This would also mean that Alicia isn't solely to blame for the group finding them.
  15. I think you're overestimating the need for speed and coordination in our zone system, but I also disagree with your observations of him. No worries though, we will see one way or another how he pans out.