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  1. "magic" is right up there with "miracles"...   "If magic is all we've ever known, then it's easy to miss what really goes on..."    
  2. I can't watch anything involving coach Beam without the tears rolling out... If only half the world had half his determination, courage, and perseverance, then the whole world would be a much better place. We have got to win this game for him... Keep Pounding!
  3. I came here for "Contain Cam, bracket Olsen."   I left after reading a good article... Thanks!
  4. Who wins SB50 MVP and why?

    My guess is Thomas Davis or Kawann Short. TD because he dominated in the face of injury adversity and got a sack, a pick, 12 tackles and a forced fumble. Short because he got 3 sacks and a forced fumble, completely demolished any chance at a run game, and had constant pressure on Manning all night.   Smart money, though, goes on Cam for doing Cam things.
  5. Just a stupid random thought

    I hope they do see this very thread and decide to bump my Ked Woodley remix all the way until game time Sunday!    
  6. Why is football popular?

    dafuq question is this?!?!!? just kidding.. I agree with the Gladiator correlation... To me, I think it is also popular due to the athleticism of the players, the story lines within each organization (on and off the field,) marketing, the ability for a game to turn around within a matter of minutes (this can be included in the parity argument,) statistical opportunities, and, overall, it basically gives people an outlet for their opinions and emotions.   Personally, I turned 15 when the Panthers were playing their first season. I had latched on to the team from the announcement of Charlotte being awarded a team, and my only previous experiences with football were watching the Super Bowl the previous five years or so. Growing up alongside the Panthers from there only reinforced my connection to the team and the desire to see them succeed week in and week out. I think if you can get on board at the beginning of something like that, and develop that bond as it grows, it helps a lot. This is partly how I sometimes can't understand people of my age (35) bandwagon-ing the Panthers. I'm like "where were you when I was pausing the VCR during commercial breaks so I could fit more than one game on a VHS tape?"
  7. Do you still play LOTRO bro? I started back a couple months ago and try to play a few times a week. Good stuff, PhillyB
  8. If Carolina wins the coin toss...

    defer defer defer
  9.   I predicted 16-0 after week 3... some of my scores were pretty close, lol... and the follow up post is kind of scary close to our tougher games... (Indy could have beat us, GB/Seattle were both tough games, ATL in ATL was a closer game than in CLT) I was hesitantly confident at that point...   I just checked, though, and I requested Feb 8th off work on January 6th... sooo, maybe I figured we were gonna get there then...    
  11. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    I HATE Cam Newton... playing in the Super Bowl and I can't be there in person to watch it...