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  1. Oregon under attack

    what's the difference in wash rags and wash cloths? did the xxxl t-shirt size guys pack their own?   lmgdao at the cigarettes and chew....
  2. Laptop recommendations?

    I've got a 7-8 year old Sony Vaio that is still going pretty strong. It has easily been the most durable and versatile laptop or desktop I have ever owned. I spent a pretty penny on it back in the day (over $1k IIRC) and it has been worth it. FWIW I still run Vista on it too, and IJDGAF TBQH... I even have the Windows 7 upgrade disc that they mailed to me as a part of a promotion (free upgrade when it was released) and I just never installed it. I use that sumbitch to make music, play online games, stream movies, etc. No problems.  You might could find you a good refurb or a used one somewhere and save a lot of money in the interim.
  3. I don't know, because hindsight is 50/50
  4. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    I'm not a player I just fug a lot
  5. I think he was saying he made them before we lost to the falcons?? I have no idea, though... I'm still not sure exactly what I read here
  6. Getting Benji Back

    We're getting Benji back (yeah) Them corners won't know how to act (yeah) We know he's special, they don't know jack (yeah) Turn us around, he'll pick up our slack (take 'em to the bridge) Touchdown yay! You catch these passes, Benji, you're the rave Beatin' corners when they misbehave They cannot cover you in any way (take 'em to the chorus) Come on Cam (Go 'head be bold with it) Chunk it up (Go 'head be bold with it) MVP (Go 'head go win it) Hit up Benji (Go 'head be bold with it) Let us see how you score TDs (Go 'head be bold with it) Chalk up another 6 (Go 'head be bold with it) Been a while (Go 'head have fun with it) Go ahead, smile (Go 'head have fun with it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it)   Get your Super Bowl! (sung to the tune of "Bringing Sexy Back")  
  7. Levis Field is Horrible

    covered yesterday, but watch Turner on that play too... he slides down at the end
  8. that last one... Start of a new perfection?
  9. We need a DE... so whom?

    I'm pretty high on Shilique Calhoun myself...
  10. Gun show loopholes

    Part of the problem with gun control arguments, much like any political argument nowadays, is certainly the extreme nature of the rhetoric on both sides. Just this morning, they had a sound bite on NPR from a Trump supporter in New Hampshire that basically said "I mean, I can't even go to Panera and place an order because the staff doesn't understand me. This is America, and they should have to speak English." lol wtf people?!?!? I know that is kind of a side point, and a little unrelated to this particular discussion, but that type of rhetoric seems to be growing exponentially on one side of the aisle. As for this thread, it is just another example of g5 posting something as a veiled excuse to share his one sided links...
  11. Thanks for the pie everyone... Glad you all could relate!
  12. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    IIRC we can tag and rescind so long as the player doesn't sign the offer. Most players don't sign right away, especially if they hope to get a long term commitment.
  13. Today's presser: Cam, Ron and Getty

    gonna go through and pie each of his posts in this thread for this reason... I agree completely...
  14. I had to resist the urge to tell him to "dab on them folks" in regards to any haters...
  15. Best Hip-Hop Cypher Ever?