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  1. I think you're overestimating the need for speed and coordination in our zone system, but I also disagree with your observations of him. No worries though, we will see one way or another how he pans out.
  2. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    I'm the white Rick Ross, fyi.
  3. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    I'm glad we got to the root of Strand... even though we might not have it all yet... I still like this show better than TWD so far...
  4. Tackling may be a little suspect, but he definitely lays the wood sometimes. See :36, 1:55 below One thing about him I think I forgot to mention is that he gambles a bit too, but he jumps routes very well...
  5. I really think it is the Jarrett I see in him that scares me the most. That and the fact that I have been scarred by him and other WRs we actually go out and draft (Colbert, Carter, etc.) that don't pan out. TBQH Jarrett's tape coming out of USC was a lot better than Garrett's. I'm really all about us finding a gem in UDFA... but the fact is that it doesn't happen very often. Every year we get a Taye Biddle, Brenton Bersin, or some other countless perennial Panthers walk-on WR that people latch onto. More often than not, they are career practice squad guys if they even make it that far. Sure, none of that is Garrett's fault, and admittedly his film is a little limited. But things I see in guys like him vs. guys like Sandland, so far, are miles apart. I know it isn't fair to be overly critical at this point of the kid, and I have tried my best not to be. I hope he makes me eat crow and comes out blazing. We all want to see these guys pan out because it'll mean good things for our team. I guess at this point I am just defending my current opinion, so I will agree to disagree with yours for now. Again, I hope I eat crow, for the Panthers' sake and Garrett's!
  6. As I stated... Worley is a gambler... That can work out great, or not so much. But everything I have seen indicates that he is very coachable, and that he has the skill set to excel in our system. Plus I am a little bit of a WVU homer. Garrett's tape really isn't all that great, folks. Sure, I have seen a play here or there where he gets open... Some of what I am seeing could be on the QB, too... However, I feel like folks are already jumping on his bandwagon just because of the hype surrounding him, when what I am seeing on his "highlight" reels isn't that impressive. Again, I want him to be the next greatest receiver in the NFL. I'm just pointing out that he has a long way to go if his highlights are any indication of his skill set. If you're comparing highlight reels though, Worley wins easily.
  7. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I'd bet that he has returned home to Lollys or Jaime has sent him elsewhere on a mission. I'm not sure, though.
  8. Wait.... T Pain can actually sing?

    I'm just confused as to why NPR thought this would be a good choice for this type of performance...
  9. I mean seriously, I am man-crushing this dude so hard right now. He runs great routes, gets separation, has great hands, tosses dudes 5 yards on run blocks, is tough to bring down, and basically does everything great already. Granted, I know that level of competition isn't that amazing, but still.
  10. For real. Sandland, at least on tape, has the potential there to be amazing at the next level. In his JC highlight reel, he was seriously throwing dudes around and shedding them off him like they were children. Then when you watch an interview, you can tell this dude is all about the game and proving himself. I see the hunger and drive there, and those are the guys you want on the field for you.
  11. Pure Speculation Thread

    To be quite honest, we basically secured our secondary for the next 4 or so years, easily. Therefore, we indeed made out like bandits. Barring some sort of insane thing happening, Bradberry, Worley, and Sanchez could very well be our starters as early as next year, and letting them develop in our system and our schemes will allow the learning curve to be extended. I mean honestly, we made Kurt Coleman look like one of the best safeties in the game (no disrespect at all there,) and got to the effing superb owl with guys we signed off the street to fill in in the secondary. With the guys we have now invested in, we are looking amazing on paper. I don't think GMan was necessarily trying to move up very hard at any point, other than the one trade we did make. I honestly think we are looking for a type of player, not a specific player, when we draft under GMan. Did we succeed in getting those types of players this year? So far, it looks good to me.
  12. I am going to drop this comparison for Garrett... He reminds me a lot of one guy named Jarrett that was once a hyped up, tall, prolific college receiver that the Panthers actually drafted... I probably stayed on the Jarrett train longer than anyone here... but, looking back, he was a very similar player at a whole lot bigger school. That doesn't bode well for Garrett, but I hope like hell he proves me wrong. I'm obviously rooting for him because he is a Panther now.
  13. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Yeah I am pretty sure we got confirmation now that Hodor is important, and not just a simpleton hanging around for Bran's convenience. I've been brushing up on the theories too, and I am almost certain Hodor is going to share some lineage with Duncan the Tall. How he became Hodor from where we saw him as Wyllas is going to be important.
  14. So... I have learned one thing above all else in my years as a Panthers fan... Patience... In the days of old, I would be one of the first ones here screaming about a draft pick or a free agency move (or inaction.) I used to buy all the scouting guides in the offseason leading up to the draft. I'd watch tape on guys I liked, and use formulas and all that stuff to try and project what we would do. I don't do all that anymore, as I don't really have time. It is best to just take a "wait and see" approach and do that kind of work after we have already got our guys. That said, I enjoyed this year's draft, and viewing people's reactions from afar. But now, I have decided to add my own commentary and opinions. Let's start with the draft: Vernon Butler - I was a little surprised we took a DT, but I have grown to learn and like Gettleman's approach to the draft. Honestly, I think this pick was indeed BPA for our board, even though Butler adds things like contract leverage that don't really relate to his on the field success as much as we would want. Butler will immediately be in the rotation and allow us to keep two fresh DTs in at all times, and two fresh stud DTs at that. No more will teams be able to pound us and wear us down in the middle, not that that was a huge issue to begin with. Trench warfare is where it starts on the battlefield, and we just added another guy you want in there fighting for you. James Bradberry - "Who?" That was my initial thought. But the more I look at him, the more I see what the scouts see. While he may be a little underdeveloped and raw from a positional standpoint, he makes up for in size and frame. I think he'll be a bit of a project initially, but the payoffs could be huge. He seems to see the field well, and is in position more often than not. He also has good recovery, which is something you can't really teach. Daryl Worley - Wow. We moved up to get him, and I really like the pick. I've been keeping up with WVU since they had Noel Devine. Worley wore the same number, 7, in his time with the 'eers. He is a gambler that is pretty solid in coverage and recovery, and when he gambles and wins it pays off. If they can coach him up, he will be a solid addition to our zone coverage. Zach Sanchez - I will admit, I was glaringly clueless about this guy. It was our third corner in a row, and I wasn't too familiar with him. But then I pulled up some tape on him... This guy right here is one of my early favorites for stud rookie of camp and preseason, at the very least. He reminds me a lot of Norman, in the way he moves and his nastiness on the field. He hits hard, is great in zone coverage, and pins his ears back and darts in there on blitz packages. He goes for the ball, whether it is in the air or in someone's hands. He could be a turnover machine. Beau Sandland - Another guy I had pretty much never heard of. But, his film shows he doesn't shy from contact (he actually tosses some dudes around like rag dolls,) and has great hands and blocking ability. His interviews remind me of a certain Clark Kent-esque young linebacker on our team, and I am going to go ahead and project this kid as the surprise pick of the draft 5 years from now. In our system, he will thrive when given the opportunity, and his ceiling is extremely high. Bouncing around in college probably hurt him more than anything, and level of competition had some input. However, I really really like this pick, and I don't know that I have ever said that about a late round pick at a position like TE. Now, my observations/thoughts on the two biggest UDFA signings. Garrett - I know this isn't going to really go over well here, but I wouldn't buy into the hype just yet. He has great hands, but everything I have seen shows me he doesn't get separation, ever. He has to use his body and athletic ability to create separation when the ball has arrived. This works great in college, but when you get to the pros it doesn't so much. I will be keeping an eye on him during camp, to see if he can be coached into something that can make the active squad. But, at this point, I think a lot of the hype surrounding him right now is unjustified. Cash - I had actually looked at Cash a bit before the draft, and thought he would make a great zone strong safety or outside linebacker. He tackles great, and has a nose for the ball. I think he not only makes the active roster, but gets a lot of playing time as a rookie. I'm excited that the Panthers got him, because he was someone I already had an eye on.
  15. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I had the thought that Theon may be the "gift" that Ramsay gets this week... But, I had heard that that gift is supposedly going to be: ...but I have no idea how much truth there is to that rumor. It would be interesting if Theon intentionally gets caught, or unintentionally, and gets delivered back to Ramsay by one of the Northern lords in hopes that Ramsay will kill him for vengeance for the Starks. If that happens, I could see Theon flipping again, and telling Sansa's plans (even though Ramsay already pretty much figured them out) in hopes of saving himself. I think Theon may have been given all the redemption he is going to get, and he will end up suffering a sad, miserable death in some form. I could be wrong, though.