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  1. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    I'm not a player I just fug a lot
  2. I think he was saying he made them before we lost to the falcons?? I have no idea, though... I'm still not sure exactly what I read here
  3. Getting Benji Back

    We're getting Benji back (yeah) Them corners won't know how to act (yeah) We know he's special, they don't know jack (yeah) Turn us around, he'll pick up our slack (take 'em to the bridge) Touchdown yay! You catch these passes, Benji, you're the rave Beatin' corners when they misbehave They cannot cover you in any way (take 'em to the chorus) Come on Cam (Go 'head be bold with it) Chunk it up (Go 'head be bold with it) MVP (Go 'head go win it) Hit up Benji (Go 'head be bold with it) Let us see how you score TDs (Go 'head be bold with it) Chalk up another 6 (Go 'head be bold with it) Been a while (Go 'head have fun with it) Go ahead, smile (Go 'head have fun with it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it) Get your Super Bowl! (Go 'head go win it)   Get your Super Bowl! (sung to the tune of "Bringing Sexy Back")  
  4. Levis Field is Horrible

    covered yesterday, but watch Turner on that play too... he slides down at the end
  5. that last one... Start of a new perfection?
  6. We need a DE... so whom?

    I'm pretty high on Shilique Calhoun myself...
  7. Gun show loopholes

    Part of the problem with gun control arguments, much like any political argument nowadays, is certainly the extreme nature of the rhetoric on both sides. Just this morning, they had a sound bite on NPR from a Trump supporter in New Hampshire that basically said "I mean, I can't even go to Panera and place an order because the staff doesn't understand me. This is America, and they should have to speak English." lol wtf people?!?!? I know that is kind of a side point, and a little unrelated to this particular discussion, but that type of rhetoric seems to be growing exponentially on one side of the aisle. As for this thread, it is just another example of g5 posting something as a veiled excuse to share his one sided links...
  8. Thanks for the pie everyone... Glad you all could relate!
  9. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    IIRC we can tag and rescind so long as the player doesn't sign the offer. Most players don't sign right away, especially if they hope to get a long term commitment.
  10. Today's presser: Cam, Ron and Getty

    gonna go through and pie each of his posts in this thread for this reason... I agree completely...
  11. I had to resist the urge to tell him to "dab on them folks" in regards to any haters...
  12. Best Hip-Hop Cypher Ever?

  13. I had to throw that in there multiple time just because... We actually got it at the flea market... It isn't even a sewn on letters/numbers jersey... everything is inked... But, it does have "Keep Pounding" in the collar, and bears the Nike logo... I think we got it for like $30, which is probably close to retail lol.
  14. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Tag him if a deal can't be worked out beforehand... Then work out a deal and rescind the tag...
  15. So... Here lies my only post on the Panthers' general performance in Super Bowl L, as it will hereby be remembered by myself and most of you... and how I decided to make the negative energy that resulted from the big L into something that will hopefully be something positive. My oldest son, a ripe old 5 years old, knows a little bit about the Panthers. He knows his daddy loves them dearly. He knows Cam Newton as soon as he sees him. He knows Steve Smith, even though I have to continue to explain that Steve Smith isn't a Panther anymore. He sometimes still gets confused and thinks that any time football is on, that the Panthers are playing. He does know the basics of the game. He knows touchdowns are good. He loves donning the only jersey he owns (a cheap, high quality Steve Smith one we got several years ago) and running around the living room tossing the football around and practicing his touchdown dances, etc. I had him wearing it all day on Sunday. He also loves being able to single out no. 1 and exclaiming "That's Cam Newton!" One thing he doesn't really understand yet, is the concept of winning and losing... It has kind of been hard, this season, to explain that to him. The Panthers played so well most of the time, and winning was all they, and to an astronomically lesser extent, he knew. He's played TeeBall and Soccer, but at this age they don't keep score. Playing the game is the height of his experience, and he has no real concept of victory and defeat. So, this past Sunday, we decided to let him stay up until half time of the Super Bowl. This put him to bed about an hour or so later than normal, and most of this extra time was spent playing with toys in the living room floor, running around doing 5 year old things, or having to sit down and take a timeout for getting too wild. Before we put him to bed, he asked me "Daddy, can I wear my Panthers shirt to school tomorrow?" Normally, my answer would be an absolute "NO!" because, let's be serious, I'm not going to let the holy grail cheap, high quality, Steve Smith jersey go to school and risk getting marker, paint, or worse... the dreaded stamp ink on it because of five year old kids doing five year old things. That is just absurd to even think about! I made him a deal, though. I told him that if the Panthers won, he could wear his jersey to school. After putting him to bed, and seeing how the Panthers fared the rest of the game, I began to reflect. Here is my son, expressing an interest in something else that I love dearly. I knew the Panthers had lost, but I had decided to use the moment as something to teach my son, and upon further reflection, myself. When he got up yesterday morning, the first thing he asked was if the Panthers had won. My response was "No, buddy. But. I decided you can wear your jersey anyway." He was elated. I went on to tell him if anyone should ask that he should explain to them that, even though the Panthers lost, they were still his team and he was proud of them. He donned his cheap, high quality, Smitty jersey, his Panthers hat, and was ready for the day. He walked into school with a big smile on his face, and proudly stated to a couple people that he was still happy that his team was a good team, even though they lost the big game. I have learned a lot from this moment about myself, the Panthers, and my son. In a way, the Panthers are all of our children. We want to see them win and succeed. We want to be proud of them. We should always be proud of them in victory or defeat. This is especially true if they happen to get to the Super Bowl and lose. We lost twice this season. Not many teams can say that, or that they have done any better. As a fan, I can't be too upset with the outcome of the season as a whole, no matter the outcome of the last game. We dominated the foe pretty much every week, save a couple. 17-2 isn't bad at all. As a team, the Panthers are only 20 years old, and if my sons can achieve the amount of success that the Panthers have earned in that span, no matter how many the low moments are, then I will be one proud father. So, in conclusion, be happy. Be proud. We have a great young team that could be on the verge of dynasty status should we get a few key pieces of the puzzle worked out. We have the league MVP, no matter how the media tries to spin his character, who is one giant kid out there having fun and getting disappointed when he loses. I WANT my QB to be disappointed and upset when he loses, just like I would want my kids to be. Failure drives future success. I'm proud of the 2015-2016 Panthers. I want them to be proud to be Panthers, even in the tough times. I want them to learn from their mistakes, Keep Pounding, and achieve the future greatness that they are capable of. Go Panthers!