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  1. You know every half has to have a timeout because we can't get a play in in time lol. Great start for the O though!
  2. The safety spot definitely. I don't worry about the WR Corp as much for production because of Greg and the addition of Mccaffrey but I'll agree I'm not fond of the group outside of KB. Hopefully with Mccaffrey lining up all over the place..and our offense trying to get the ball out quicker... the talent at WR won't matter. Cam excels when hes instictually throwing..he spreads the ball around better. Seems to target less without the thought of a number 1 WR.
  3. Dammit. We got Samuel fugged up with only the same tired ass screen we've been force feeding him the last few weeks. He's had that screen so many times it feels like he's been playing for more than 2 preseason games.
  4. CAP gotta be the pick when it comes down to it
  5. Complaining about a 2nd year corner who has made huge improvements in his game before week 1 of his second season. Some people live to be the i told you so's instead of letting things play out reasonably.
  6. If I had to pick, Cam and Odell are the top 2 faces of the sport right now.
  7. Too excited, too nervous. Let's go!
  8. Welp, defense laid an egg. Offense wasn't as great as usual.
  9. Guess we thought they'd just lay down
  10. Fozzy isn't built to start this game. Yeah if he finds room give it to him.. but I want to see 34 or 35 out there this possession. Fozzy is getting slung like a rag doll at the line
  11. If there offense pulls the same bullshit I hope we play "their" game then. Josh getting hit.. Cortland getting a penalty for being stuck in a headlock... really.