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  1. After watching that... i could only say to myself... Who's mans is this?
  2. Stew didn't touch the field that drive. I wonder if they are starting to get it.
  3. Cam literally looks like he sick of the BS
  4. Look at Bank of America sounding like a factor
  5. Luke The Fans who have to watch the offense
  6. I had a very similar idea. PA to Stew, Deep pass to Curtis Samuel for a 35 yard gain. Yep. It'll happen.
  7. I think everybody in the organization should walk away like Cam and stfu.
  8. We seriously let teams think they are better than what they are
  9. It's saddening we are typically never a team that can triumph bad times or quarters. It's typically how we start is how we finish..regardless of small successes you can point out in a drive. Hope the D can get a turnover this drive
  10. Watching this team waste talent...
  11. Hope trai is alright. Curt.. thats the type of heart we need on offense.