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  1. Has anyone else not watched anything sports related today?

    I am in Kokomo and it's absolutely ridiculous....the problem is people don't know when to quit and seem to want to keep pushing and pushing...I've about told off family members i never thought I would
  2. Has anyone else not watched anything sports related today?

    You live in Indiana too? Which part? I know EXACTLY how you feel...
  3. Has anyone else not watched anything sports related today?

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one.. I haven't watched any TV today period. Didn't go to work. The only time I went out was to get some groceries and I pretty much had my hood up the entire time. I got on Facebook and immediately regretted it and ended up fighting with various friends and family who decided they thought it'd be funny to continue to try to push my buttons. I also napped all afternoon too. It really REALLY sucks when you live in Indiana and are surrounded by Manning fans. Between this and watching my Gators get their ass kicked New Years Day I think it's time for a sports break for awhile...thank god AMC is doing a Jurassic Park marathon tonight and tomorrow.. Sigh...
  4. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Anyone wants to call our fan base bandwagons just tell 'em to "bandwagon this"
  5. SB50 trailer independence day w/actual actor

    Jesus Christ that was epic!!!!
  6. From April 29, 2011 to Super Bowl 50

    We built this team from the ground up. Something Denver sure as hell didn't do.
  7. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    I'll tell you what in Indiana and being surrounded by all of these Manning fans...