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  1. No.  We have never won on thanksgiving. 
  2. I finally get to meet you! You don't know who I am if you haven't checked my name history. King Klong. See you Sunday!

    1. boo7382

      Holy Crap Kris!!!! you're actually coming to a game! I can't believe it! yes! totally excited to meet you!

    2. Kettle

      I've been to two a year pretty much. We just aren't ever in sync.

  3. When will we be hearing about the Saints** tailgate? CAN'T WAIT!!

  4. Huddle Ape

  5. Lurking if not posting

  6. I'm moving to Kernersville for a new job. Getting a new house too. AV setup seems to be pretty expensive when there is no entry to the room from the attic or crawl space. :( Its 2 story on a slab.

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    2. j2sgam

      Sorry Kris, didnt see you had posted back... The flex is fine, that will allow you to pass whatever, you might need more than 1 HDMI at some point, depending on how you hook everything up... Gas fireplace makes it easier, usually a deadspace above, makes it easy to fish the cables where you want them... He could be suggesting to run the power over an extension cord with the HDMI. Not really supposed to do this, but I have when the client doesnt want to pay an electrician.

    3. j2sgam

      Call me if you want, 757-449-0057...

    4. Kettle

      I went with the flex without having seen your comment. Now I'll just need some rear speaker wires ran.

      I don't like how the new format treats the profile messages. I just have to keep checking back since I don't get a notification.

  7. April 26th won't come soon enough.

  8. I wa still trying to figure this site out when I got your message...sorry. hope you got to watch it

    1. Kettle

      i saw some of the one yesterday. I'm not a huge basketball fan. I just like to see state do well because they don't have the obnoxious fans that the heels and devils do.

  9. I got that from the story. It was still a good read though, and those two things are why I put the comment in rep and not a post.

  10. ohhh.... yeah i did. haha i missed what you were saying. i threw that whole thing together pretty fast and skimped on the editing process so there's a little bit of strangely-constructed sentencery

  11. Yeah. So you used the word, and then gave its definition, right? That's what I was talking about.

  12. wikipedia says: Aft, in naval terminology, is an adjective or adverb meaning, towards the stern (rear) of the ship, when the frame of reference is within the ship. Example: "Able Seaman Smith; lay aft!". Or; "What's happening aft?"

  13. I'm not entirely sure. I just read it, and felt like it was a textbook with definitions for that sentence. I grew up on different boats, and even worked through community college building kayaks. I may have misinterpreted the term in my experiences.