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  1. J No used the peanut punch on DJ Moore.
  2. I hate this team sometimes. I really do.
  3. Alright Ron this is on you now.
  4. If this is out defense it's going to be a long season.
  5. Second time Ryan has tried that deep ball with no success. Try it again and I bet we can get a pick
  6. Get him out of the game! Dirty mofo.
  7. Why does there look like theres so much sand or dirt on the field?
  8. They said on the radio this morning Brady was going to play the entire first half so that's something.
  9. The_Cannon

    Does Kenjon Barner make this team?

    Unless he really sets himself apart on special teams nope.
  10. I guess that confirms that Cam had his baby. Or that Cam reads the Huddle and trolled us all.
  11. Who has Norman been covering all game?
  12. Are you freaking kidding me