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  1. Ron grew some balls over Thanksgiving it looks like.
  2. We're going for it? Wow.
  3. Ron's presser today is not making me happy

    What does Full Participation "Rest" mean? Does it mean they participated in practice even though it is a vet rest day for them or that they're healthy and able to go on Sunday but its a rest day for them?
  4. Iphone Wallpapers

    I forgot who it was but there was a poster here who made really cool stadium wallpapers that featured the schedule. I always used it but I didn't see one the past two years? Is anything like that floating around?
  5. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    It's almost as if this wasn't what got Gettleman fired...
  6. I guess that confirms that Cam had his baby. Or that Cam reads the Huddle and trolled us all.
  7. Who has Norman been covering all game?
  8. Are you freaking kidding me
  9. That's it. Open it up. We're not scared. KEEP POUNDING
  10. What happened to the capable offensive play calling from earlier this season?
  11. Panthers on the 3

    Hands down worst play call. In that situation if Shula called a play I wouldn't be surprised if Cam audible a run like he did in the National Championship game
  12. Its insane how loud OUR stadium sounds for the GIANTS.