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  1. PSA: NFL Shop has Newton SB50 GAME Jerseys

    I want a Thomas Davis one. Any word about the availability of patches? 
  2. Hate that he's not here to enjoy this success because he kept us all entertained and we all loved him (still do) during the lean years but we wouldn't be this fun loving young team if he was still here. Wish he would have gone the Gross route, retired a Panther and work for the org.  Going to the Ravens still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth...but it's a business. 
  3. Gronk grinds on a woman on National television: "Gronk being Gronk" Cam  smiles and celebrates with teammates: "Oh Lord think of the children" Chaos ensues.  Men jump from buildings, Women faint. Fires start. 
  4. If you're not following the Panthers on snapchat...

    Stephanie doesn't run it Ron's daughter Courtney does.  She's the Panthers social media intern.
  5.  I've had the iphone version on my phone since the pre-season. Not changing it now!
  6. In Hindsight, 2010 Was Worth It

    Suffering through the lows has made this season feel even better. Sunday was a surreal feeling. I got to witness confetti rain down on the field from the same seats I saw Testaverde and Weinke, the same seats I saw Jake Delhomme lose his soul against Arizona, the same seats that I saw D-Will fumble against the Seahawks.  And it didn't matter anymore.   I embrace all our new fans but I feel sorry for them too.  Winning feels great but it feels even better shaking off the multitude of Demons. Joy wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for pain.  
  7. Cool Jon Beason article

    One of my top five favorite Panther players of all time. He was a great guy on and off the field and I wish he could have finished here in Charlotte but that's the business and it is what it is.  During this Super Bowl run I think about guys like Smitty, Beast, and even D-Will and how much I enjoyed watching them play and how much I wish they could have been here to share this moment.  But I realize a team with those guys wouldn't be this team and the stars had to align to get us here.  That said I still have a Beason jersey I would loved to get signed by the man some day.  
  8. Biggest play of the game

    Two plays stick out to me as Cardinals momentum and morale killers.  The Coleman interception on the 1 yard line right after the Cam pick and then Peterson's muffed punt was crucial.  If he would have gotten some yards and allowed the Cards offense to score right when they were getting in a rhythm it might have made the game a little closer.   
  9. Coach Beam to the Super Bowl?

    If he can make it there health wise he should be and will be there.  Only if his doctors clear it.  I get worried when I see him on the sidelines not even wearing a tobogin or big jacket.  
  10. 2011 NFL QB Class SI Cover

    These are the decision that drive men mad. 
  11. Why did we go for 2?

    Insult to injury. We showed the world that we don't let up and I love it.
  12. Was Jerry in Shock?

    I'm in shock and I'm relatively healthy in my 20's I can only imagine how the Big Cat feels right now 
  13. You could say the same with football 20 years ago most people in the Carolinas were long time Redskins, Cowboys, Falcons fans.  
  14. McDermott to Philly speculation already starting

    I think they can only talk to coaches for head coaching positions during the bye week.  Everything else is considered a lateral move (the NFL considers going from position coach to coordinator lateral for some reason).
  15. Next Years Opponents

    You're right I wasn't looking at Home and away I was only looking at opponents.