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  1. The_Cannon added a post in a topic Next Four-Who do we beat?   

    I'm saying Seattle Philly and Indy.  
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  2. The_Cannon added a post in a topic Cam in his Hornets swag   

    I just spent way too long trying to figure out which buildings were in the background and which direction he was coming from. 
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  3. The_Cannon added a post in a topic RIP Richard Williamson   

    Moose talked about him suffering a heart attack last week on Prime Time. You could tell the enormous respect Moose had for Coach Williamson and the impact he made on his life.   I was hoping he would pull through.  Condolences to his family and his Panthers family. Keep Pounding on the other side Coach. 
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  4. The_Cannon added a post in a topic ESPN still taking runs at Cam   

    I read this yesterday.  I didn't think it was a hit piece on Cam. They're doing a big story on the Gators winning and downfall and this was an article in conjunction with it.  I found the article intersting because I didn't realize at the time how much hope they placed in Cam.  If you read the article you'll hear that the players seemed to realize his talent and hate and want him to be as great as his is now.  Its shows how much power 18-19 year old have at these schools. 
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  5. The_Cannon added a post in a topic My final 53 man roster projection   

    I want Marlowe to make it simply because he's been consistent all preseason but most importantly he was a cool at training camp and gave me and autograph.
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  6. The_Cannon added a post in a topic We only have one issue.. Remove Brown from the roster and we are legitimate contenders.   

    I think Boykin can really be a spark for us if he gets consistent reps with Cam and the 1's I think he can be something special.
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  7. The_Cannon added a post in a topic Early in Steve Smith's career, he had a terrible preseason chock full of dropped passes   

    We didn't see him drop a lot last year because he wasn't targeted a lot last year.  Big difference between coming in as a spark every few plays and being THE GUY.  With KB going down we're asking him to be THE GUY and you can see the pressure getting to him.  It's making problems he's always had (alligator arms, catching the ball with his chest and not his hands) worse.  Can he get better? Sure anyone can get better, but last nights performance was inexcusable on top of a subpar showing last week.
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  8. The_Cannon added a post in a topic Who is going to the game Friday night?   

    I'll be there 526 
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  9. The_Cannon added a post in a topic Dolphin fans added to the list of most disliked   

    I didn't notice any of them being assholes last night but there were just SO MANY of them.  It was ridiculous walking to the stadium, in the stadium there were so many people in that orange and teal it was sickening to look at. 
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  10. The_Cannon added a post in a topic Vegas has Panthers at 8.5 wins   

    I'm saying 10 wins. 
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