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  1. The Fall of Cam Newton

    You make a good point...except a lot of the passing plays keep the RB's into block, there is no check down a lot of the time.
  2. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Sounds like more than anybody you deserve this game and this season. You have the rest of your life to grieve.
  3. Cam & Panthers worldwide

    Caught sight of a fellow Panthers fan in Scotland for the first time today. We shared a moment.
  4. What if it was the Panthers relocating....

    I'm not from the US do have no ties to the area but would still be pissed off if the team relocated.
  5. Joe Person is dumb

    Totally reasonable thing to think....if he didn't have previous.
  6. This is why Cam is MVP

    Love that man.
  7. Didn't this get disproved with pictures of guys like CJ and Tolbert at the funeral?
  8. Along the Sidelines - The book

    I'd buy one and pay the shitty US gift tax that doubles the price of everything.
  9. Cam Mic'd Up and All it's Hilarious Glory

    If I walked in on Cam doing the dirty with my other half I'd offer to make him a cup of tea.
  10. How does it feel to know the UK loves the Panthers more than the US (media)?
  11. and so it begins

    Thats a UK newspaper as well. Love from across the pond.
  12. All that video tells me is that Skip Bayless doesn't know how betting works.
  13. we are 8-0....and NOT playing at full srength

    We are without a fair few players, we've had the shuffle the OL, we've easily had the hardest SoS of the unbeaten teams and we are not playing lights out. Quite impressive that we are 8-0. I worry that with most teams that go on long winning streaks that they blow their load to soon and have no momentum coming into the playoffs. We aren't playing that well, we've still to hit our stride.
  14. So all the good stuff that happens is because of Cam and the bad stuff is because of Shula? Got it. God damn Shula getting KB injured.