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  1. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    Can people who are staying in San Jose / closer to the stadium tailgate by the bus? Happy to bring our own brews, just wanna hang with other Panthers fans...do you know where the bus is going to park?
  2. Final Score Super Bowl Prediction Thread

    27-16 Panthers
  3. Do Want

    $450 US DOLLARS?!
  4. super bowl ticket section 134 row 34

    Prices are dropping now...seats in the 3-star section can probably be had for a bid of $3500-3600 on Score Big. Can probably grab nosebleeds in the 400s for $2500 or so.
  5. super bowl ticket section 134 row 34

    Customer service says I should know by early next week, but absolutely no later than three days prior to the event. Yeah, not a fan of the event day pickup (wish it was anytime that weekend), but I'll risk it for $800-$1k savings per ticket.
  6. super bowl ticket section 134 row 34

    I would encourage you guys to try out the "Make an Offer" feature from ScoreBig: https://www.scorebig.com/super-bowl-50-tickets-2-7-2016#/ I also had 3 people going together which makes it hard to find tickets. ScoreBig lets you put in how much you are willing to pay for a particular zone of seating and gives you an instant response as to whether or not the bid is accepted. For instance, I bid $4,150 (per ticket) for 3-star seating (sections 209-211, 221-223, 232-235, 243-246) which was accepted. No extra fees and local pickup. You unfortunately don't get to find out your actual section/row/seat (customer service told me I should find out by Monday or Tuesday next week), but they are guaranteed to be together. Note that you have to be sure about your bid because if the bid is accepted your card is automatically charged for the full amount (and you cannot split the cost among several cards). But for the type of seats I got, that was by far the best option compared to SeatGeek or Tick Pick (where seats in those sections are going for anywhere between $4,800 - $6,000). Hope this is helpful!
  7. Any chance you can do an iPhone 6 version?
  8. $25 on 40/1 odds here back in February 2015
  9. Cam Newton 360

    Cool little video narrated by Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network with insights from Brad Franchione (Cam's coach at Blinn JuCo), Gene Chizik, and Ryan Kalil: https://youtu.be/wTxZAImrgYY  
  10. Perfect choice to pound the Keep Pounding drum for NFCC

    KB or Bene I think would be good choices
  11. And the clearance begins

    Not to rain on the parade, but this stuff is being discounted because they're going to release 2016 versions probably in a couple months :p
  12. NFL.com really thought the Seahawks would win

    Yes, that's correct. The description has nothing to do with the graphic itself.
  13. GIFs from the Divisional Playoff Win

    Could someone gif Wilson's reaction to his second pick? It's was a great "ugh...fml" reaction lol