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  1. 1-year, $5m ($2.5m gtd) per Joe P
  2. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Ian Rapoport just reported he will be both OC and QB coach lol Gettleman like "fug it"
  3. Per Kimberly Jones on Twitter. Official announcement later today. LOL.
  4. Apparently worked with Eric Washington at Ohio College.
  5. Haley fired

    I would have loved to see what Haley could do with Cam and this O, especially with Rivera constantly talking about Big Ben being a blueprint for how the organization wanted Cam's evolution to play out. Oh well.
  6. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Vikes over Jags. Vikes get a story book ending in their home stadium. Jags don't get a SB title before Panthers and we don't have to suffer through the Pats being in the Super Bowl again.
  7. It sounds like the coaching carousel is going to pass by Wilks this time. Apparently the finalists for the Giants job are McDaniels, Patricia, and Shurmer with Patricia as the fave. The fave for the Cardinals seems to be Shurmer. He's not interviewing with the Colts (McDaniels or another offensive guy here) or Lions (Patricia as their #1, Vrabel as their #2 from what I've read).
  8. Ah ok, I just looked at the numbers of Walter Football so my fault.
  9. Problem is I don't think he's lasting until 24. But you never know...
  10. I bet the deals run the same length as Rivera's latest extension. Norv is Rivera's last OC, for better or worse, IMO.
  11. Its Official- Norv Turner

    lol Steve Reed
  12. I'm intrigued by Cortland Sutton. He's got a few inches on Ridley and seems like he may be about the same speed as Ridley (projected 40 of 4.51 vs 4.48 for Ridley). But yeah, if neither Ridley nor Sutton are available at 24, I think you gotta grab someone else in round 1 (maybe a DB) or try to trade up to grab one of the two.
  13. Per NFL Network's Tiffany Blackmon on Twitter (blocked at work).