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  1. Per @RapSheet Assuming that'd be Navarro in which case glad he didn't get the team.
  2. The sale of the Carolina Panthers appears to be near. David Tepper, the hedge-fund billionaire whom many N.F.L. owners pointed to as the preferred choice to buy the team, has backed out of the auction for the club, according to two people with knowledge of his interest in the team. Tepper’s departure comes a few weeks after Michael Rubin, the owner of the online retailing giant Fanatics, also bowed out. Both men balked at the asking price of at least $2.5 billion. Their departures narrow the field to two for membership in the most exclusive and expensive owners club in North American sports: Ben Navarro, who owns Sherman Financial Group, an investment firm; and Alan Kestenbaum, the chief executive of Bedrock Industries, which owns and operates metal and mining companies. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/09/sports/football/panthers-sale.html
  3. UNCrules2187

    Latest updates on the team sale

    I think it's best for everyone that we get a new owner in place ASAP so I don't mind if that's the case.
  4. 1-year, $5m ($2.5m gtd) per Joe P
  5. Don't forget who told you the difference between Drake and Future. Plus if I win these I would donate my current upper deck ticket free of charge to also be given away on the Huddle! Win-win.
  6. lol I'm surprised Josh didn't correct you This is when Future's verse starts: https://youtu.be/NiM5ARaexPE?t=1m8s
  7. Igo putting only Drake's verse of Jumpman in and then saying he knows it's Future. Smh
  8. UNCrules2187

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    Seahawks fans keep arguing how this late season 7 game stretch proves Russ is the MVP (notwithstanding both the Seahawks and Panthers were 6-1 in their last 7). Well, let's break it down into stats. If you just isolate the passing stats, you get: Wilson: 1,906 yards, 71% completion percentage, 24 TDs, 1 INT Newton: 1,800 yards, 64%, 20 TDs, 1 INT If you add in rushing statistics tho, they produced virtually identical numbers over that stretch: Wilson: 2,104 total yards, 25 total TDs, 2 turnovers Newton: 2,070 total yards, 24 total TDs, 2 turnovers And that doesn't even take into account that Cam sat out a lot of 4th quarters (Cowboys, Falcons, most of Bucs game). Unfortunately for Russ and the Seahawks, the first 9 games of the season count too. This isn't even a debate.
  9. UNCrules2187

    Panther - Jags Picks

    I don't have faith in the offense to put up a lot of points (a couple of TDs, a FG or two), but I do think we get a defensive score. I'll go with 24-13 good guys.
  10. When we drafted Luke, I raged like an imbecile. "WHY!? WE HAVE JON BEASON!! STUPID PICK!" Now I can't imagine this team without him. He and Cam are the heart and soul of this team for years to come. @yshah2187
  11. UNCrules2187

    Official 2015 Panthers Season Prediction

    This looks likely to me. I think we could win one of those primetime home games, but on the flip side, I think we lose to Dallas on Thanksgiving, so I'm still in the same range. 9-10 wins should be attainable if the WRs can step up.
  12. UNCrules2187

    Final Panthers Cuts

    Umm...pls no?
  13. UNCrules2187

    Final Panthers Cuts

    Bersin cut:
  14. UNCrules2187

    The Answer is on the Roster

    I've adjusted my expectations for the season. If we can win 9 games and snag a WC spot, I'll be content.