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  1. UNCrules2187 added a post in a topic Wagner gets $43M over 4 years, $56M over 5 for Luke?   

    Pretty sure Luke is going to get $12m per. Think it ends up being a 4 year, $48m extension which once you factor in his 5th year option will end up being a 5 year, ~$59m deal. Think the guarantees will end up being in the $25-30m range.
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  2. UNCrules2187 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Panthers 2015 Jersey Schedule
    I thought we could only wear the blue alternates twice a year?
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  3. UNCrules2187 added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    ...who smells like booze "for the rest of the day" off one beer?
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  4. UNCrules2187 added a post in a topic Recasting Game of Thrones... with Panthers players...   

    Someone needs to do Cam as Daenarys:

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  5. UNCrules2187 added a post in a topic Greg Monroe NOT meeting with Hornets...   

    Woj says Knicks are frontrunners and he's expected to get a max contract: https://sports.yahoo.com/news/sources--knicks-to-pursue-arron-afflalo-in-free-agency-190634905.html
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  6. UNCrules2187 added a post in a topic The Reason we didnt trade with Boston   

    Per Dan LeBatard, Boston also offered Miami the "godfather" 4 1sts (really 4 middling mid-round 1sts) and 2 2nds trade that they seemingly offered everyone else in the top 10. Everyone told Ainge to go pound sand.
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  7. UNCrules2187 added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Missed kick? No big deal.
    After thinking it over, I'm ok with Medlock and his performance tonight. I wasn't expecting him to hit the 56 yarder, he sent his lone <50 yard field goal straight down the middle of the uprights, and he just happened to hook his 50 yard kick. He probably spooked himself a bit on the potential game winner, no doubt, but the Pittsburgh field is also NOTORIOUSLY tough for even veteran kickers (hell, you could see how the field was getting torn up just by players who going low to the field for catches). It's just very, very difficult to hit 50+ yard field goals in Heinz Field.

    In fact, if Medlock had hit that 50 yarder, he would have tied the RECORD long by an NFL kicker!


    So Medlock will be fine, just fine.
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