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  1. Jaylon Smith?

    He was told that he will be drafted by the end of the third apparently. I could easily see it being us. We don't need him to play for at least one season, possibly two. Let him work with Dr. Anderson, send him overseas to have nerve treatment, whatever. He's easily the best player in this draft. Draft him. Let him learn. Let him recover. And unleash an LB corps of Smith, Keek, and Shaq on the NFL.
  2. Your final predictions (#30)

    Ogbah. I think this one is close to a lock.
  3. I mean, if you were a linebacker at Eastern Upstate Mississippi State of Texas, you probably have a significantly lower chance of being drafted than lots of other players. I would say these calls focus on ST guys and back ups in college.
  4. AJ Hawk Released

    Ah, yeah. But we exceed our Cameron quota, so I thought we might've had some sort of leeway.
  5. AJ Hawk Released

    The Bengals just released AJ Hawk. I think this is the most interesting veteran release so far. AJ could be signed for a cheaper vet contract, play behind all three lineback positions, and even contribute on special teams. Solid pick up before the draft (where we know Rivera/Gettleman loves getting LBs late), or see what Mayo has?
  6. This one time I was in Utah and broke the land speed record in the flats. Must be a western thing. <275mph is for pussies.
  7. To be fair, he was probably already in the doghouse due to fumbles.
  8. I think this is where the kids say smh
  9. I mean, I'd love for Elliot to drop down since he's an RB, but it'll never happen. I think he's the one player in this draft that will change a team instantly.
  10. Thanks for the list! One nitpick, Ogbah went to Oklahoma State not Oregon State.
  11. I'd be absolutely okay with this pick. He's the one name that consistently jumps out at me in the 30s. I'd obviously love if a huge talent fell because of QBs, but I seriously doubt that happens.
  12. It depends on who is there. Like, if some ridiculous talent fell for some reason, you have to take him. I don't think Henry is worth it, but Elliot? Whoa buddy.
  13. What? Why? Dude is a potential all star DB that played against Treadwell, Cooper, etc for years.