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  1. Ruff added a post in a topic When did Gary Barnidge become a good TE?   

    The Ghost of Gary Barnidge 
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  2. Ruff added a post in a topic Blueprint on stopping Atlanta offense is out.   

    I feel like that's the blueprint to beating NFL team, tbh.

    Hurry their QB and knock their best receivers off the line of scrimmage. 
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  3. Ruff added a post in a topic Josh Norman fined for his celebration   

    That's ridiculous. Gronk shakes and wiggles and moves around all weird and then monster spikes the ball onto the opposing team's logo in their end zone... And it's celebrated. 
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  4. Ruff added a post in a topic Seattle.... they will be looking for blood!   

    They just a played a MNF game, then,   on a short week, went out and played deep into OT. They're going to be wore out by the time we play them Sunday v
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  5. Ruff added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    My wife just said Matt Ryan is cute
    what do?
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  6. Ruff added a post in a topic Giants player could lose foot due to MRSA   

    That sucks. :(
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  7. Ruff added a post in a topic Top 30 CB rankings according to PFF Two Panthers in the Top 32   

    Josh has easily played better than any other CB in the NFL this year. It has been obvious. 
    As as far as Bene? He hasn't looked great at times. Sometimes looked out of place. There's been a definite sophomore drop off for him. 
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  8. Ruff added a post in a topic Bad news, Denarius Moore fans   

    Tangentially Panthers related?
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  9. Ruff added a post in a topic Dumb Question   

    Because it was a fumble. A fumble doesn't have to "hit the ground" to be considered a fumble. 
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  10. Ruff added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    I think we should maybe tryout a few back up offensive linemen. If the Canadian is our best answer if someone gets hurt at either end, we're absolutely fuged. 
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  11. Ruff added a post in a topic Bersin four catches for 54 yds   

    He's basically late-career Ricky Proehl. Consistent. Sure handed. But with a ceiling that's incredibly low. 
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  12. Ruff added a post in a topic So we need to talk about the Falcons and our wild card standing..   

    We're 4 games in, bro. Just because a team doesn't have a winning record right now, doesn't mean that they won't. 

    Also, as usual, divisional games, and games against hated rivals, always come down to more than just records. Those are games that are always incredibly hard-fought. 
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  13. Ruff added a post in a topic 4-0 vs. poo   

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  14. Ruff added a post in a topic Never would have guessed the offense would be far ahead of the defense   

    Our defense hasn't had all 11 expected starters so far this season. And we still have 10 takeaways through 4 games. 
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