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  1. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    Doesn't he know that will make him look like a spoiled brat?
  2. Unless it was blue-yellow colorblind. 
  3. The Saints are easily my most hated team. After decades of being bottom dwellers, they signed a decent QB and found a coach who knows how to run an offense and OH My GoD GREATEST TEAM EVAH *insert ESPN slurp here*
  4. Who still watches First Take? ESPN is bleeding money, and this garbage is part of the reason why.  
  5. Caption This Derek Anderson

    "Bitch, get out of here before I dab on you."
  6. The REAL reason why the Skins lost today

    It was the right call. 29 had both feet come off the ground, launching into the defender, while leader with his shoulder. It was definitely a personal foul. 
  7. Will Fozzys hurt hip bring on CAP or Wegher ?

    Honestly, we probably will see another back Thursday. With a short week, and have to travel for it. I would fully expect that CAP is active Thursday, even though I really want to see Wegher play. 
  8. Oher and cam

    Cam said Sandra Bullock is a milf. 
  9. The salt in this thread. 
  10. Local paper hating on Cam

    Take the link down and don't give them clicks. Quote the article. 
  11. The reason D.G cut ties

    Getting rid of Bell helped, too. 
  12. Carolina Panthers Color Rush Video

    I don't think colorblindness means what you think it means. Yes, I can physically tell which light is lit up, because it's an illuminated light, no matter the color. Staring into it with the sun behind it is about the same as someone that's not colorblind staring into it.    Then, you also have to factor that LED traffic lights illuminate slightly different, giving a blueish hue to the green light.    On top of that, you're also making the assumption that every colorblind person has deuteranopia which is not the case at all. 
  13. Carolina Panthers Color Rush Video

    Same. The bullshit questions always pop up. Like the guy asking how color blind people get their license. Wtf.