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    I think Lynch, unless he's already gone. There are some QB hungry teams this year.
  2. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    From what I've read his blocking needs quite a bit of work, but as a pass catcher he should make an immediate impact. Most mocks have him as a 2nd rounder, but if Gman wants him I suspect he'll have to grab him in the 1st or trade up in the 2nd.
  3. At least this way you can avoid the dog food commercial.
  4. Nothing I can find on who the 'opinionist'/pinheadwill be arguing with, but I'll be changing the channel if I see him.
  5. Will not miss him, and I hope he doesn't pop up on another network.
  6. PFF Presents Carolina's Draft Board

    I've seen Keanu Neal rated higher. I do like Ogbah and Thomas.
  7. I posted the link cause I quoted the article. I know it's not new. I don't go to church anymore but I am usually late to work.
  8. His overall draft ranking seems to put him as a tweener- gone between our 1st and 2nd round slots.
  9. This says 2nd, but putting Gabbert 1st and Dalton tied for 5th doesn't say much for his eval skills.
  10. "Ogbah’s defensive line coach at Oklahoma State says Ogbah has other moves besides his speed rush. He just didn’t need them. “When the one you have leads the Big 12 in sacks and (is good for) top five in the nation, it’s hard to go to the second and third moves,” said Joe Bob Clements, Ogbah’s position coach with the Cowboys. Ogbah was the NCAA’s active sacks leader with 28 at the end of last season. His 13 sacks as a redshirt junior were second behind only Penn State’s Carl Nassib (15) last fall. Ogbah is Oklahoma State’s career leader with quarterback hurries (26) and finished fourth in sacks and tackles for loss (40). He had at least one sack in 16 of his final 21 collegiate games. The stretch included a two-sack performance against Florida State’s Jameis Winston in the 2014 opener, Winston’s first game after winning the Heisman Trophy." I don't think anyone's saying he's a polished, complete player yet, but from what I've read about him, I'm good with him as our 1st round pick.
  11. Sam Bradford wants Philly to trade him

    Another reason to be happy you're not an Eagles fan.
  12. It is draft week people... look alive...

    5 hours? Where are you?
  13. This thread has devolved to the point where it no longer belongs on a football forum.
  14. I like Ogbah in the 1st. He may well be there at 30, and I think he's worth it talent wise, as well as being a good fit for the team. Shepard in the 2nd sounds like a winner.