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  1. When is enough enough

    Well a MAJOR problem right now is Cam can't hit the broad side of a barn...
  2. Rusty or not... Cam gets paid how much to make that throw? A new OC can't fix Cam's mediocrity.
  3. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Cam makes his throws this week... the D plays pissed off.. Worley slips and lets Tyrod get a bomb off.. 34-10
  4. Would've thought we just came off a loss how Cam's handling these questions.
  5. I have issues.

    I've said it for years now... Cam isn't a multi read guy and we'd be stupid to expect that now. Replace KB with a speed guy and we'd be better off. Not a knock on KB, he just can't get the seperation needed on deep balls, as say Ginn could. Either Shula calls plays with Sam/Byrd/CMC as his first option or they're most likely not getting the ball.
  6. Warning: Graphic content

    Unfortunately we don't have a QB that gets made into a rag doll, that said, he'll never get these bail out whistles and lack thereof. or should I say fortunately.
  7. Won't matter if they're in or not.. Cam isn't going to look their way unless the play is specifically for them (having them as the 1st or 2nd read).
  8. Devin Funchess

    As I've always said.. fun fun would be close to a 1k WR on another team. Cam (believe it or not) doesn't go beyond his second read too often. Now add in the fact that we're a check down happy team and fun fun and Olsen both should have worse YPG & CPG this year.
  9. Durr durrr durrrrrrrr... his comments reek of jealousy.
  10. Hope he gets in and someone shoves a cleat up his asshole, then he can joke about it after about how it's all fun and games.
  11. A small long as Cam isn't forcing a deep ball every series to KB, our WRs shouldn't have any problems.
  12. A perfect example of when being loyal to "nice guys" goes too far. Consistent winning organizations don't act with this sort of approach. Gano would've gotten the axe after the Denver game from some teams.
  13. Practice Update - Cam Newton

    I'd pie and beer this post 50 times if I could. Give me a backup hungry for a starting job, not this, "I'm just here for a check" and throwing dead ducks ish.
  14. After today, has to be DA. He was just tossing dead ducks like he couldn't care less. Too comfy in that bench spot, give me a back up who plays like they want Cam's job. Followed closely by Colin Jones.. not sure how he's been around this long. Idgaf how fast he is. He can't tackle and takes bad angles consistently.