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  1. Hurney scouting?

    Aside from the Hurney-Gman debate... I haven’t watched either of these teams, any ideas on who we might be looking at?
  2. Nice article. Some of the throws Cam is making are insane. Those videos make me appreciate Cam even more. You don’t realize how small of windows he’s fitting those passes into until you watch the all 22 film. Amazing what a healed shoulder and extra practice can do.
  3. Peppers looking like a heat seeking missile lol
  4. Do the Julio

    Falcon fans better not come back with a “dotheluke” hashtag with him crying... I might have to kill some motherfugers.
  5. If I sucked this bad at my job I’d get fired... but the NFL loves to give raises based on potential lol
  6. Imagine my surprise...

    Any WR can look decent when the QB forces you balls.. KB isn’t that great, we’ll be fine.
  7. Yea, I’m not sure why everyone started melting after the trade.. it’s not like he’s really that great of a WR when you really watch him.. we won’t miss the 5(give or take) forced throws to him in tight coverage every game.
  8. So why did hurney sign

    In the book of hurn dog GMing 101, it says always have an emergency kicker... or two... or three.
  9. I didn’t say that, but there won’t be any stare down force throws to KB now, which is a start to getting Cam back to MVP form.
  10. This team is bigger than KB. I remember reading some doom and gloom posts similar to this when KB went down in ‘15. Funny how that turned out. Cam is the heart of this team, KB is replaceable.
  11. You won't like this at all.

    Cam can finally take us back to the SB and stop trying to force it to no separation KB. Won’t miss the over weight in camp threads next season. Cya benji
  12. Can we get pre evolved Cam back?
  13. Or small between their legs...