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  1. I'll take Cam AND how he handles losing over how anyone else handles losing. I don't want a QB who is comfortable with defeat, ever.   My thoughts exactly Cam...
  2. Can't wait for DA to call out the officiating. He always keeps it real.
  3. NFL Rigged?

    You'd do some shady poo for a few million too. Too much $ involved to not be fixed.    As for Cam, I support his actions. In an unfair league why act like their bitch ass robot and respond how they want. This team is built around being yourself, why does that need to change for a loss? fug the league.
  4. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    Unless we play Brady in his last game, then the league will be sure we lose again. Money talks in every sport.
  5. Max protect. Pray a receiver gets open. Run to bitch ass Remmers on every first. fug Shula
  6. Refs...

    In a sport that can be decided by inches, it's amazing how people will admit refs were unfair yet take it so light heartedly.
  7. fug him and his daddy's name riding bitch ass. If I read tomorrow that the Panthers are the first team to fire an OC after having the #1 offense I'd literally cry from happiness. 
  8. Cam pouting at the podium

    I would've had no problem if he ripped his helmet off and chunked it after that roughing the passer no call. fug the league and fug the normal standards of showing no emotion but bliss. Cam let 'em have it.
  9. Refs...

    fug Clete.
  10. Big congrats to the Broncos

    The NFL's bought just like every major sports league.  It's fun to root for teams but at the end of the day just remember that. If you think otherwise, get out from under that rock and stop living in ignorance.   GG REFS.
  11. Is Vegas Really to Blame?

    NFL's bought. Can't beat the refs.
  12. Refs...

    Good game Denver.. That pass rush is nasty..    However, it can't go unnoticed how the refs altered this game. The incompletion that was not overturned, didn't stop the clock when the panthers ran out of bounds, defensive holding call that vanished, numerous offensive holdings not called, the late hit on Cam Newton that wasn't called which was the icing on the cake.   Congrats Denver. The refs can't be beat.          ...I take back the congrats.. fug you Denver.   Keep pounding.