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  1. Nice to hear but.... Definitely time to invest a high draft pick into the LB position.
  2. Fright

    todays OTA tweets and news

    “Giambino” lol
  3. Fright

    A bounce back year for him?????

    Colin Jones a leader on the defense? This person couldn’t possibly have watched any games involving Jones. Almost as if the writer is blind.
  4. fug that guy.
  5. Garbage bin diver and over spender on trash. DG is supremely overrated, but no sense dwelling on it.
  6. I can’t believe some of the crap I read on here... the #1 WR taken in the NFL draft and he “can’t run routes” lmao If that were truly the issue, he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in. Stop falling for the talking heads differences in players to create drama and convo.
  7. Fright

    CMC, Samuel, Moore

    I’m glad we’re seeming to finally be adapting to how elite offenses run. Quick strikes to quick players. None of this over developed route running with lobs to slow, tall receivers.
  8. The Browns went after Johnny Manz bc of the same reasons.. I see it very possible.
  9. Lolol... waste of pick. Sucks for them. Just another USC QB failure. Bank on it.
  10. To the Ridley fans... what picks would you be willing to give up to move up and grab him?
  11. So you’re saying here comes a LB at pick 24? Now that I think about it, it couldn’t hurt. Keek is one wrong tackle away from possibly walking away and TD will need replaced after this year. Sounds like a safe pick if the talent is there...