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  1. To whomever predicted this...

    This team has a bunch of guys that make it fun... a lot easier to come to work when your job is fun.
  2. Cam's Presser

    Smart man... must be dat fish diet.
  3. PFF: Week 9 Worst of the Worst

    Coleman, however, I thought had a solid game. Hard to tell how the secondary does for sure w/ the zoomed in POV on tv.
  4. FLASH sale @ NFL.COM

    Is it bizzaro world Newton? On the Saints and plays WR (#11)....
  5. FLASH sale @ NFL.COM

  6. My latest Avatar is a model named Christine Mendoza...

  7. i dont know man, I guess when you piss folks off your doing something right... Unless your just an idiot... :D I think its because I tend to "swim against the current" and not just ride the wave..... Life to short to not believe in something, and I stick by my beliefs. And I am just hard headed lol lol :)

  8. Why do people hate you on here? lol

  9. Indeed. I'm going to the Saints & Sinners tour March 13th. I'm pumped. I love Senses Fail, HU and Brokencyde. Haste the Day used to be good, they went down hill once they got a new vocalist.

  10. Hollywood undead fan eh?

  11. You from Nebraska?