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  1. Getting Annoyed

    and u are here for the punch!?
  2. well just shows.. not to hate on Smitty as I have his jersey and wear it all the time.. the team needed Cam to take the reigns and that was not going to happen with Smitty on the team.. Gettle-Magic!
  3. How Thomas Davis is protecting his arm

    by shoving it up Manning's a$$!! :)
  4. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera..

    too bad I didn't like the Bears..but I respect both!
  5. so u r saying we didn't have any fans til now? I am confused!?
  6. Best Superbowl commercial?

    I like Doritos just saying!!
  7. too damn funny!! Kudos to whoever made that!!
  8. hey Roman.. I liked u until now.. and I would drop a warm turd in your throat.. so suck it when your them sucks on a pile of Mannning turds!! Fugg u!
  9. Cam Newton INFLUENCES the media!!!

    yes he is WWE just mentioned Cam's pants tonight..can't remember who referenced..but he is trending :)
  10. I saw Kuechly play UNC when he was at BC but had no idea who he was..does that make me a BC fan?? No.. it was a close game and UNC won..But I watched the Auburn game but wasn't a fan just cuz of Cam..don't chase teams just cuz we got a draft pick from them.. UNC Fan even though our football isn't great yearly like FSU!
  11. Off Topic: How many folks remember this?

    haha..thats immediately what popped into my mind when I saw the topic!! Who remembers the mean Joe Greene Coke commercial ?? That was a great commercial and I love Coca-Cola..They need to redo it with Cam! :)
  12. black lives matter planning to disrupt super bowl!! #nojusticenosuperbowl

    so sick of it too..all lives matter..its not a racial thing until u make it racial
  13. Moooooooose speaks on The Evolution of Cam Newton

    moooooooo-sssss-EEEEE--.. thh_EEE --NNN -- DDD! I love u man!!.. I miss the moose!!
  14. Von Miller really hates us huh?

    well we fuggin hate him!! Its Miller vs Luke!!! Lets win this bitch!!
  15. Heads up: White Olsen Jersey Finally Available!

    thank u!! will order tomorrow!