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  1. I could've sworn I read there were some health concerns about Poe; maybe I misread. Surprise signing but pleased with the signing.
  2. in which we laugh at seahawk fans

    It's hard to laugh at a fan base who has a Superbowl in their lifetime.
  3. Richard Sherman anyone ?

    As they should.
  4. We tend to play better when the chips are stack against us. We will have the best defensive performance in a while. Brees is sack 4 times and throws an INT. The Panthers win 24-17.
  5. Do we play to knock out Atlanta?

    We still have a chance to win the division if N.O. loses. Also if the Rams and Vikings lose we can get the #2 seed.
  8. Saturday Games Thread

    Chargers are starting to poo poo this game away.
  9. Saturday Games Thread

    KC got robbed.
  10. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    St Louis or Oakland.