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  1. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    I look as the lack of coverage as a good thing. The defense and RR seems to feed off of the lack of respect card.
  2. Roll Call for Sunday Skins game

    Coworker (Redskins fan) and myself traveling from Virginia we will be in section 541.
  3. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    All I can say is Cam is a different CAT. What QB fights his CB during training camp? NONE. People we are winning games enjoy the ride we have something special. This is our 6th winning season in the franchises history. Hopefully we will win a SB this year. If the worse thing we can say about our superstar is him overdoing celebration during a game consider ourselves lucky. It's a non issue. ENJOY THE RIDE.
  4. Cam Newton reported for theft

    My wife a veteran and a Green Bay fan and she even thinks they are a bunch of sore losers and the need to gtfo it.
  5. Cam Newton reported for theft

    That's fugged up.
  6. Cam Newton reported for theft

    As a vet it pisses me off that she tried to play the vet card. If he is a retired SGM I'm pretty sure he not that damn sensitive.
  7. Cam Newton reported for theft

    I guess she meant allowed.
  8. What media member is the biggest panthers hater?

    Maybe because Hurney accused them of cheating during the Superbowl vs us.
  9. What media member is the biggest panthers hater?

    Don't hate the hater let them hate if you look at the post game interviews the players hear what the media says and they feed off of it. But to answer your questions I would agree with you and say Rodney Harrison.