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  1. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    Harper would be a better bet than Rolle. About the same quality of play, except Harper is more durable and we know for a fact he's a good leader for our secondary.
  2. Think Peanut is coming back now?

    Harper or Peanut. Both helped get some of our younger players up to speed. Three rookie CBs..would be nice to have a player-mentor for them.
  3. FA | Greg Hardy

    The mob mentality didn't take place until after espn and nfln started airing the "Hardy = Devil" story line 24/7. During week 1, he was only somewhat of a minor topic. I would gladly welcome Hardy back. The only reason he is still out of work is because teams are afraid of the media. Whichever team picks him up, will be slammed by espn, nfln, around the clock. That was even too much for Jerry Jones to handle.
  4. FA | Greg Hardy

    What he did was wrong. At this stage though......... People do not want him to ever be able to work again. That fuger could get a job at McDonalds and there would be a couple people standing outside with signs, demanding that he be fired.
  5. So it has been confirmed that this guy was not on G-man's big board for the 2nd round? Only way I can explain so many posters here, bitching and whining about this young man's draft value.
  6. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    I love the pick. I envision Butler getting a lot of play time next season. Between DT rotation and at DE, when we pull Charles Johnson out the game every few plays to let him rest. :D
  7. Tampa Bay Fans Delusional As Usual

    It's gonna be Grimes on Benji. Grimes is a small dude also, but don't underestimate the lil guy's skill and experience. VH will be a helluva player for them if they can try to utilize him like the Cards use Honey Badger.
  8. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    but nothing matters. cause we, at no point in our history, have won a lombardi. If you ain't first, you last. That ricky bobby mofo over there is sounding a special kind of retarded.

    Good!! I tried getting into the combo of watching the draft on tv + discussing the picks on the huddle, last year. Was ruined by asshats that live on Twitter that posted all the picks before they were announced on tv.
  10. Norman was not a production of a system

    Norman is good......but we just don't put much value on secondary players. It's not a knock on Norman. I don't believe we'd open the purse strings for any CB. Our focus is in our front 7. Get solid DE play on the other side of Ealy, and our defense will take another step forward. If Shaq continues to develop, you could add that in there also, and our defense will take two steps forward. Most of our defenses money though, will always go to fortifying our front 7. It will never go into a secondary. imo.
  11. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    He is one of the only non-Panther players that I will be a fan of until he retires. Can't express how happy I am for the young man. As far as our team, we'll be fine. I love our next man up style. I love that we've become a team that can take unknown players, develop them and then send them out into the world to make a boatload of money. It's a testament to our coaches and trainers.
  12. Dear Josh

    Uhh....... Yeah. Redskins will probably be in the playoffs also. it's not like he joined the Browns or the Jags. 5yr........... $75/M................. 4 yr.............. $44M. I mean, even if he took a pay cut for us and a miracle happened and we actually did win the SB, that dude would still be giving up over $30M. I know a few fans seem to think that money shouldn't matter, and the players should take whatever, in an effort to get a SB ring. A SB ring isn't gonna help pay the bills 20 years from now, unless they sell that SB ring. lol.
  13. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Jenkins got $12.5M/yr for being a slightly below average CB. Of course All-Pro Norman was gonna break the bank. I'm happy for him. I'm not upset about any of this situation. We just don't value CBs as much as some other teams out there do. We could have in-his-prime Revis, and we wouldn't break the bank for him either. Josh has worked his ass off, and is now the top paid corner in the league. I want him to fail against us when we play against him, but for the other games, I hope he has a great season and career. I like the dude.
  14. Josh Norman - 6'0 FT 195 LBS 4.66 40

    It is definitely .......mainly just about Height, Speed and Weight. If our defense carried that piece of poo Norman to an All-Pro status.......when he was just 6ft tall, 195lbs and ran a measly 4.66 40...... Just imagine if we get a 6ft 1in, 196lbs, CB , that runs the 40 in 4.60. They may have to create the "Super-Pro" title in order to give it to our future #1 CB, which will no doubt be shitty and carried also.