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  1. Mike Wallace?

    There's a lot of talk right now that the Steelers may lose Mike Wallace. He's a RFA, but they only cost a 1st round pick now with the new CBA and the Steelers don't have the cap space to franchise him or sign him long-term. The talk is that plenty of teams would be willing to part with a 1st round pick in order to land one of the best young WR's in the game. So... would that include the Panthers? The thought of Mike Wallace in this offense is pretty scary. He could be our long-term replacement for Smitty and while a top-10 pick is a steep price to pay, at least we'd be getting a proven player. I doubt this happens, but it's worth discussing. There seems to be a very real chance the Steelers lose him and the idea of Cam + Mike Wallace is one that's worth at least considering.
  2. your avatar....somethings got to give