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  1. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    I know this is going to get brushed under the rug by all the big cam fans around here, but this is something that needs to be talked about.  What in the world is possibly going through his mind at that moment telling him not to go for that ball.    This loss isn't on him as a whole but he is going to have to answer questions for years about that play. That play gives gallons of fuel for the haters to add to their fire and frankly, he deserves to catch heat for it. 
  2. Shula had his wtf moments, but this game is on the tackles. 
  3. Lets be honest our O-Line was never that good

    I just can't believe that Dixon wasn't a permanent fixture beside remmers all night. Von are him alive. 
  4. Stop blaming the refs, we played like poo

    This is all true, but is anyone really surprised?  The nfl is all about the story. The story is Peyton sailing off into the sunset with a 2nd ring and 200 wins.  Call a seahawk fan and ask them about the Pittsburgh Super Bowl. Call a Vikings fan and ask them about the championship game against the saints.  It's not hard to see what this is. It is entertainment and a story. we played like garbage and Denver was the better team but we weren't winning that game. That was never more evident than on the crotchety catch. 
  5. That one is on fozzy. Oher thought he had outside help
  6. Not a fan of that clete blakeman-manning moment
  7. Nothing Will be the Same

    A win today makes the panthers one of the top super bowl champs of all time.  Only the 72 phins, 84 niners, and 85 bears could boast better/as good seasons.    If Cam wins a ring today and mvp, you could make a case that he had the best season a qb has ever had in the league.    TD, Tillman, Allen are all guys worthy of getting a ring.    Big Cat finally gets his ring after the dream is fulfilled 20+ years ago.    There is a lot on the line today. 
  8. In the interest of prop bets...

    I took Stewart as mvp +1600  
  9. We've got some peeping toms!

    Belichick and crew starting early scouting for super bowl 51?
  10. Looks like I'm not the only one

    Got psls in section 104 (his section). Can confirm that he is in fact a jerk. 
  11. What is our gameplan with T.D.

    Whatever TD deems appropriate. The man has EARNED the right to make his own call in this game. 
  12. On a side note, if any of you who are going happen across a game ticket that you are going to discard or someone else is, please grab it for me.  I'm not going to be able to go to be game but would love to have the ticket. I will even give you some cash for your troubles and shipping. 
  13. That trindon holiday punt return still pisses me off. There was two blatant block in the backs and He fumbled before he crossed the line. 
  14. Ricky Proehl has done some great work with our wideouts and the above photos illustrate their progression.  I remember looking at photos in training camp of Philly and Funchess and neither of them were looking the ball in. The two photos above show great technique and focus and I'm sure that is something Ricky had helped them develop.